How Street Art in Houston is Jazzing Up Its Downtown (And 7 Top Houston Wall Murals Perfect for the ‘Gram)

In addition to being known as the home of US space exploration and humidity that can add curl to an Afghan Hound’s fur, did you know there is a burgeoning street art scene in Houston? Downtown Houston has embraced graffiti and murals with a Texas-sized enthusiasm...

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The Best Tips and Ideas For Your Southern USA Road Trip

Where do you start when planning a Deep South road trip itinerary? There’s so much to see and to do in the Southern States. That’s the problem I’ve been having because we are in the process of planning a Southern USA road trip. We have driven through some of the...

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Why There’s More in Bahia Brazil than Stunning Beaches

 On our trips to Brasil, I really regret that we did not have the time to make it to the Northeastern Province of Bahia. Our expat friends went to the Salvador Carnival in Bahia before they took us to the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.  They told us the Bahians know how...

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The Best Things To Do in the Julian Alps of Slovenia

I have to confess I thought I had never heard of the Julian Alps when Lonely Planet named it one of the top 10 regions to visit in 2018. The Julian Alps are the official name of the Alps when they stretch from Italy across Slovenia. The Julian Alps of Slovenia are...

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Around the World with 21 of the Best Cookbooks 2017

We love to eat almost as much as we love to travel. When we are not on the road, we like to explore different cuisines at home. Did I mention we are also book junkies? That love of books extends to cookbooks. Here is our curated family-friendly selection of the best...

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