A Family Collection of Souvenirs

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You can tell what our family interests are by the souvenirs we pick up.  We are, however, not consistent in anything we buy so we have not accumulated a mass collection of objects.

Here are some of our recent souvenir purchases:

My Husband’s Travel Souvenirs

My son and husband like to collect refrigerator magnets and keychains.  Yes, they are THOSE people – the ones that keep the tacky souvenir places in business.  Here we have magnets of Ampelmen crossing lights from Berlin, a shopping bag from Vienna and a leopard photo from South Africa.

I let this tat into our house but I make my son put it on a magnet board in his room.  My kitchen has no magnetic surface – clever no?

fridge magnets

My Daughter’s Travel Souvenirs

My daughter likes anything pretty for example this pink rhinestone heart belt she got in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  If you are going to wear pink rhinestone hearts, I’d say the age of eight is the time to do it.

pink rhinestone heart belt

In Jackson Hole, Wyoming she found this pretty banner with lots of little inspirational words on it.  So her.  I can see her floating into her future on a fluffy pink cloud pulled by unicorns with Taylor Swift music streaming from a rainbow overhead.

courage dream banner

She’s also pretty crafty so I’m trying to get her to make travel journals full of her thoughts and drawings and little bits and pieces she picks up. I think travel journals will be a better long-term souvenir when she is older and can look back on her vacations. We also have a vinyl cutter machine that we can use to create our very own travel-themed stickers and die-cuts. We’ve had fun creating travel journals together (even during a vacation such as during our Beaches escape in Jamaica) and reminiscing about our trip.

My Son’s Travel Souvenirs

Under my editing hand, on our last trip to New York City, my son brought home this limited edition set of the Guggenheim Museum created by Lego.

Guggenheim collector edition

I don’t necessarily collect souvenirs as much as things that I like that I won’t find at home.  Usually, these things are home accessories. In New York City, my daughter and I like the Museum of Modern Art gift shop to buy some cool design accessory to bring back.

We found these cool Catalan casteller blocks in Barcelona. Castellers continue a long-standing tradition in Catalonia where people work together to create enormous human towers.  The blocks are fun way to recreate the towers.  They are actually harder to create than it looks!

Catalan Casteller Blocks souvenir

My Travel Souvenir Finds

I found these lassi cups being sold by a roadside vendor in India.  I’ve seen similar ones being sold by design stores here for 5x the price I paid.  I love a bargain!

lassi cups from India

You can see ostrich eggs sold everywhere in South Africa as a souvenir.  I finally relented to pester power and we agreed on this ostrich egg which I thought was one of the more tasteful designs.  I also got this wirework vase made by women in townships to earn money.

We always have spare change lying around the house courtesy of my husband who doesn’t have anything as unmanly as a coin purse.  I love this little box for collecting coins that I found on a recent trip to Minneapolis for a friends’ wedding.  It’s made by an Australian company called Typo that I’ve never heard of which has the coolest things.

travel savings piggy bank

I totally agree … When in doubt, vacation!

I hope you enjoyed this look at some of our souvenirs.  Do you collect anything specific or are you magpies like us?

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10 thoughts on “A Family Collection of Souvenirs”

  1. My mom collects fridge magnets and now I am always on the lookout for a good one for her when I’m travelling! I think collecting fridge magnets is a fun, visual way to remind you of all the places you’ve been to when you open the fridge door … I might start one up myself! 🙂

  2. Your daughter’s pretty banner and your lassi cups are so adorable. Sometimes there is that one souvenir that gets away (I didn’t bargain hard enough or needed to just let go of the price they were asking and pay) and I regret it but usually I do come home with one souvenir that is unique and I enjoy.

  3. What a fun post Shobha. Love those lassi glasses. I’m one of the fridge magnet collectors too….the tasteful ones I tell myself:–) I also love collecting small pieces of art/home decor stuff. My best buy has been a watercolour painting of the Charles Bridge in Prague.

  4. I love the money box! and the embroidered textiles are so gorgeous. When I go back to India I’m desperate to get some prayer flags to decorate my living room. I know I could get some in london – but its not the same if they’re not actually from India!

    1. We find so many cool little pieces on holiday (beer coasters, cards etc) and it’s a nice way to put it all together instead of just a jumble of ‘stuff’ that loses meaning quickly

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