A Family Travel Wishlist for 2015

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We’re just back from sunny South Africa and the reality of an English winter is hitting hard.  So I’m joining in with a link-up that looks at travel wish lists for 2015.  Nothing like planning our next vacation to ease the transition of returning home!

Our family is not run as a democracy but we do occasionally ask the children what they would like to do, especially for holidays. (Then, I ignore them and stomp on their little dreams just like the dictator that I am! Just kidding – mostly!).

Here’s our joint family wish list for holidays for 2015.  I’m not sure we will get to all of them, after all it is a wish list and we need to limit our holidays to dates the schools are out.

Beaches Resort at Turks & Caicos

My kids LOVE the Beaches resorts.  We went to the Beaches Resort in Jamaica a couple of years ago and they have rated that vacation number 1 their all-time favourite.  It’s got a water park, an arts & crafts room and ice-cream on tap — pretty much child heaven.  My husband and I thought it was a nice family holiday and we would consider going to Beaches in Turks & Caicos for some rest and relaxation.

Boats at Turks and Caicos deserted beach

Safari in Africa

We loved going on our mini-safari in South Africa.  Those animals were just too darn cute.  So now we would like to do another safari.  I have always wanted to visit Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater and see the Great Migration in the Serengeti.

giraffe on safari

Northern Lights in Norway

Having read the Philip Pullman His Dark Materials books, we are fascinated with visiting the Arctic Circle.  It would be really cool to see the Northern Lights but, of course, that is never guaranteed.  I am less enthusiastic about the temperature (being a warm weather sort of girl) but needs must.

northern lights norway

The Great Wall of China

My children are interested in visiting China because we have friends who live in Beijing who have told them fabulous stories of interesting places to visit.  My son wants to walk the Great Wall of China and my daughter wants to see pandas.  Both of them assume the country will have lots of toy factories because pretty much everything they turn over says “made in China”.

the great wall of china at sunrise

Sydney in Australia

We love the idea of visiting Australia although I am less enthusiastic about the 22 hour flight.  My son loves bridges and has been fascinated with Sydney ever since he found out that they let you climb Sydney Harbour Bridge.  The rest of us are happy with just sunshine and good food.

sydney harbour bridge


My husband is the only one of us who has been to Hawaii.  I think it is time for a family trip! My daughter likes the idea of hula dancers and beaches.  My son wants to climb a volcano.  I would love to drive the Road to Hana.  My husband still remembers fondly how good Hawaiian coffee tasted.  It’s got something for everyone!

Beautiful Young Hula girls

So that’s our wish list!  What is yours?  Do your kids get a say in your holiday plans?

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  1. I love anything with a beach! Though having grown up in Sardinia, I am abit spoiled and tend to be reticent to travel long distances to see other beautiful beaches – most of the time I’d rather go home and visit the family at the same time! But I made an exception for Spain, and I would for Cornwall, too, because I am curious 🙂

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