Although Ourika Valley in the High Atlas Mountains is an easy day trip from Marrakech, it is still relatively untouristed.  The area is full of cute little Berber villages and isolated homes where people still live a traditional way of life.

We were fascinated by these rickety rope bridges which crossed over the river below.  Although this particular bridge had a gate (positively posh!), many of the bridges were just boards haphazardly strung together.

Atlas Bridge

In this case, the bridge was two logs covered in mud.  Handrails are for wimps!

atlas 6

Needless to say the children loved walked across the bridges.  I could only stand by and pray that the boards were safe enough and ignore the rocks and rushing water right below their feet.

atlas bridge 2

This sweet child ran across the bridge ahead of her mother in order to ask us for money.

Berber Child

Her mother followed close behind with another child but we left before we got hit up for even more money.

crossing the bridge

The bridges seemed to lead to private homes as well as restaurants and other establishments.

I thought the rickety rope bridges were a fascinating glimpse into rural Morocco.  Even though Marrakech is only a couple of hours away, the Ourika Valley felt a world apart.