Visiting Busuanga Island in The Philippines

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Welcome to the show notes for the third episode of the Just Go Places Podcast.  Episode Three is about a multi-generational family trip to Busuanga Island in the Palawan province of The Philippines.


Today’s guest is Sheryl who is going to tell you about a trip she took in April 2015 to The Philippines with her husband, two children (aged 6 and 9).  The family was joined by Sheryl’s recently widowed mother-in-law who flew in separately from Israel. Although Sheryl grew up in Manila in the Philippines, she has spent the last 25 years in the United States and Europe. The family currently live in London.  So while visiting Sheryl’s mother, the family also took a beach holiday to the islands in the Palawan province of the Philippine archipelago.

You may remember Sheryl from the wonderful Chicken Adobo recipe she shared with us previously.  She had been making this dish on her return from her holidays in The Philippines when I had stopped by her home for a visit.

beach combing in Palawan in the Philippines


Listen to Episode 3 Below:

As Mentioned in the Podcast:

Sheryl and her family stayed at the Busuanga Bay Lodge on the island of Busuanga in the province of Palawan.  Palawan is less touristed than other islands in The Philippines.  Although the province is still not very commercialised, it is easily accessible via plane from Manila. The unspoiled beaches and crystal clear water are considered some of the best in The Philippines.

The island of Busuanga is considered a mini-version of the province in which it is located.  There are lots of things to do — diving, snorkelling, island-hopping or you could just laze about on beautiful beaches.  The family also visited Coron Island, Pass Island and Calumbayan Island.  Calauit Island is the game park nature reserve in Palawan set up by the Marcos regime in the 1970’s. There’s so much to do in the Philippines that you could easily spend a month travelling the Philippines.

Traditional boat in the Philippines



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