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A Guide To Planning a Trip To Alaska For Both Summer and Winter | best time to visit Alaska | going to Alaska | Alaska Railroad Tours

A Guide To Planning a Trip To Alaska For Any Time of the Year

When I think of Alaska, I think of The Simpsons Movie. I can’t help it – it’s one of my kids favourite movies and we have seen it many times. In the movie, Homer and his family flee to Alaska after accidentally polluting their hometown of Springfield. Even before seeing the movie, going to Alaska

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prairie Homestead in South Dakota
Pacific Northwest

True Grit and a Prairie Homestead Museum in South Dakota

The miles of flat dusty prairie stretched out ahead of us.  In our car with digital radio and air conditioning, we could admire the vastness of the American plains without any of its attendant discomforts.  It was easy to pin the hopes and dreams of a young country on this unending horizon and believe your

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Hot Springs South Dakota
Pacific Northwest

5 Indoor Activities Near Hot Springs South Dakota

So you’ve been awed by Mt. Rushmore and wondered at the tenacity of the sculpting family behind the Crazy Horse Memorial.  You’re ready for fresh air and the beauty of outdoor activities of South Dakota.  You definitely have great options to enjoy nature in the Badlands, Black Hills, Custer State National Park and the Mickelson Trail, to name

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Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone
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The Old Faithful Inn Provides History With A View

If you are visiting Yellowstone National Park, you should definitely visit (or maybe even stay at) the Old Faithful Inn which overlooks the famous Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone. This hotel is a national treasure and the largest log hotel in the world. The Old Faithful Inn History The Old House section of the Old

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The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

In the days before photography, there were only landscape painters who could convey the grandeur and beauty of a place.  The works of one such landscape painter helped created the very first national park, Yellowstone. Art Makes A Difference In 1871, American government geologist, Ferdinand Hayden, was sent to explore the area in Wyoming consisting

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Wild West Style Justice at the Wyoming Frontier Prison

My family and I are standing outside a gas chamber on death row at Wyoming Frontier Prison. The whole thing is made of stainless steel (the better to hose it clean with) and the original chair with its leather restraints sits isolated in the middle. When the guide asks if anyone would like to sit

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Pacific Northwest

Seven Strange Facts About Devils Tower

Devils Tower is a national monument in Wyoming which has to be seen to be believed.  Seriously. It is a strange geological formation that shoots straight up into the sky 1200 feet from the ground. Theodore Roosevelt thought it was pretty impressive, too, and named it the first national monument in the USA in 1906.

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