Fowey Hall Hotel in Cornwall

Why We Loved Fowey Hall, a Luxury Family Hotel In Cornwall

Have you ever wanted to live the English country house lifestyle but sadly you lack the requisite English country house?  Fowey Hall Hotel is perfect for you. A grand mansion comfortable decorated with dogs and children running around on landscaped grounds, Fowey Hall should fill your curiosity about what those

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solent fort hotel

A Luxury Weekend Away at A Solent Fort Hotel

As soon as we stepped off the catamaran which took us from Portsmouth harbour to No Man’s Land Fort, I knew we were in for a treat at this Solent Fort Hotel.  The granite stone fort was weather-beaten and forbidding from the outside.  The wind whipped through the English Channel

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Bodiam Castle in England

Medieval Grandeur at Beautiful Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle looks and feels like a fairytale castle set in the beautiful East Sussex English countryside.  Like many of the most picturesque castles now, it lies in ruins.  The National Trust though run an excellent job of preserving Bodiam Castle’s history and beauty for the future. Contents1 The History

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