Everyday Drama on South Beach in Miami

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We heard the Lamborghini’s roar before we saw the car itself.  Not that the black and gold car was hard to spot even in the sea of expensive cars awash along the sidewalks of South Beach in Miami.  Everybody’s head turned and the cell phones came whipping out of pockets.  Even the vanity license plate was obnoxious – screaming look-at-me by spelling out the word “winning”.  The owner was just one of the many people out to see and be seen on a sunday afternoon on South Beach in Miami.

South Beach Lamborghini
So much money for such an ugly car

I wondered who could own such a distinctive car.  A quick search on Google, showed that the last time this license plate showed up in an article it belonged to a New York divorce lawyer who owned a Lamborghini.  The article makes him sound like a real class act (similar to Charlie Sheen who is famous for his “winning” twitter hashtag).  It must be a truth universally acknowledged that a man who uses the term ‘winning’ without irony must be an ass.

South Beach, the lower bit of Miami Beach has its fare share of brash behaviour masquerading as sophisticated, tanned and toned flesh being flaunted and cash of dubious origins being flashed.  Yet, it also has its quiet charm of Art Deco architecture and everyday people enjoying a weekend in the sunshine.

A gallery of photos of South Beach florida

We spent a sunday on South Beach before our flight from Miami to London.  After a nice lunch, we hung out on the beach while the children played.  When my son got bored, I joined him for a walk along Ocean Drive to spot expensive cars.

Miami beach florida
How cool is this retro life guard stand?

Our game was not as exciting as walking around Chelsea in London on a sunday afternoon. We found a lot of Chevrolet Camaros and Ford Mustangs.  You just knew the owners of these cars would be friends with The Flamingo Kid.  Surprisingly, there were also a lot of Chrysler PT Cruisers.  Clearly, this crowd liked its American cars.

Miami Beach car
If you can’t go flashy and trashy, then go old-school.

My favourite part though was the kaleidoscope of colours around me.  The pretty faded pastel colours of the buildings and signs was enchanting. South Beach is also great for people-watching.

It was a whole world that was a photographer’s delight – vendors selling assorted stuff, people out walking their dogs, the beach volleyball games being taken very seriously by their players, the sunbathers on the beach itself and the many people having a leisurely lunch in the outdoor cafes.

Miami Beach
Confident in hot pink on a rental city bicycle. You go girl!

Here are my photos of a sunday afternoon on South Beach.

miami beach restaurant
Why yes that is a red Ford Mustang in the background.
South Beach volleyball
Beach volleyball is taken seriously here.
Sunday Afternoon in Miami Beach
An art deco beauty
Miami Beach art deco
I remember Barbizon as a shady modelling school in New York when I was growing up.
Miami beach art deco
Lime green and pink against the dark green of the palm and the blue of the sky.
Miami Beach dogs
A wall isn’t going to get in the way of our saying hello.
Miami Beach cocktail
Mojitos, the drink to have.
Miami beach florida
If you aren’t having a cocktail, go healthy with a fresh coconut.
Miami Beach florida
What a lifestyle! Cycling to the beach in your flip-flops to play some volleyball.

I had all my Miami stereotypes confirmed in one Sunday afternoon on South Beach.  Our Cuban restaurant even had some Miami Sound Machine music playing as we sipped mojitos in the warm sunshine.

We keep saying we will spend more time in Miami one of these days. Usually we are passing through Miami on the way to or from somewhere.  From the little I saw of Miami, it’s a city worth exploring in more depth.

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28 thoughts on “Everyday Drama on South Beach in Miami”

  1. I guess that South Beach is just a great place to hang out on a sunday to observe people, cars and the beautiful beach. I would not mind seeing a lovely Lamborghini 🙂

  2. I loved your descriptive words about Miami and how you spent your time there. It sounds like a fascinating place and the art deco is gorgeous. I feel like one of those Mojitos right now even though I’ve not had breakfast yet. In my defence the weather is very hot.

  3. One time I went to South Beach but didn’t have a lot of time to check the scene and the drama. Your comments about the Lamborghini made me laugh so hard. I am still laughing. You know what is another place full of drama? Laguna Beach.

  4. I love the bright colors of seaside towns…our houses here are usually boringly normal. There is a cotton candy pink colored house down the street, but most people are repainting the fun ones.

  5. I love this post so much! The photos, the commentary, the everything! Like Ruth, I’ve been laughing. I’d like to make a stop in Miami one of these day…on my way to Key West 😉

    Thank you for sharing with us at Photo Friday!

  6. As I read about the Lamborghinis, I thought of the colorful sports cars I saw in Knightsbridge one afternoon last year. The noise drew everyone’s attention but I got the distinctive impression that they were showboating. Still, if I had a car like that, I’d want to be noticed.

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

  7. Gorgeous set of photos. I love all the colors. Definitely, a photographers dream destination. Have never been to Miami, but you never know 🙂 Thanks for linking up this week. #TPThursday

  8. What a colourful place South Beach is. I was a snapshot of Miami during a trip to Florida for a conference with work. Mostly the inside of a hotel. Seeing your great photos makes me realise how much I missed. However, in Febraury there were less people on the beach 🙂 #citytripping

  9. I love love Miami and South Beach – however blingy and glitzy (and I’m with you on that Lamborghini!) The Art Deco is gorgeous, and I love walking past the lifeguard huts on the beach or Ocean Drive to spot the classic cars. Your photos have really captured it. Thanks for joining up with #citytripping

  10. Great photos! You’re right about the Miami stereotypes! When I was in South Beach a few years ago, it was really fun sitting at the restaurants along Ocean Drive people-watching. I was surprised that Miami Beach wasn’t all that it’s hyped up to be – it wasn’t the nicest beach by any means! My favourite experience has got to be seeing the iconic art deco buildings. #citytripping

  11. Great post and pictures – giving me an insight into South Beach – I’ve never been! Would love to visit Miami. The whole flash car antics definitely remind me of a night out in Knightbridge! Last time I was there I saw a gold lambringini. Would much rather view in the sun and by the beach though! Thanks for linking to #citytripping !

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