Falling in Love with … London

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It was not love at first sight.  Paris was a much prettier city, New York was home and Madrid had the late nightlife.  When I first moved to London, my favourite aspect of the city was the easy access to the rest of Europe.  I could not get past the seemingly endless grey sky and drip, dripping of rain.  I was going to do my two year rotation at work, travel around Europe and head back to the United States.

A path diverged in Hampstead Heath.

Lo and behold, 17 years later I am still here.  In the intervening years, I’ve had the chance to move back to the United States but I was never ready to leave London.  Could I actually have fallen in love with London without even knowing it?  Yes, indeed.

tower bridge

We live in North London which feels like a suburb without actually having to live in the suburbs.  I can get into Central London with its theatre, restaurants and nightlife in a quick few stops on the tube.  It’s a great place to raise children with lots of green space, a good quality of life, great education and an inclusive multi-cultural attitude.  This December we are going for a long weekend to Dublin and spending New Year’s in South Africa.  So, yes, London is still a great hub to get to the rest of the world. It’s also a great place to call home.

the shard

Like many great love affairs, London has ben a slow burn which has turned into a meaningful relationship. Here are some of my favourite places in London.

Have you ever fallen in love with somewhere that you did not expect to?

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