Family Friendly Activities at Rockefeller Center

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Welcome to the show notes for the eighth episode of the Just Go Places Podcast. Episode Eight is a look at all the cool family-friendly activities there are in the Rockefeller Center area of Manhattan.

A list of family-friendly activities in Rockefeller Center manhattan


Rockefeller Center is located in quite a compact area but contains many things to do – entertainment, culture, art, shops and food. In winter, of course, it’s got the famous Christmas Tree which makes the whole area magical.  Any time of the year, Rockefeller Center is great fun to visit.

Family Friendly activities at Rockefeller Center
The famous statue of Atlas which has been associated with both fascism and libertarianism.

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As Mentioned in the Podcast

The official website for Rockefeller Center is very informative.

Family Friendly activities at Rockefeller Center
Public art to edify the masses

The Radio City Music Hall website allows you to buy tickets to shows as well as arrange for tours of the building.

Family Friendly activities at Rockefeller Center
The famous Radio City sign
Family Friendly activities at Rockefeller Center
My kids first celebrity selfie with Derek Hough

By the way, the Top of the Rock admission is included in the New York CityPass.  You have to choose between the Top of the Rock or the Guggenheim Museum.  If you want to do the Guggenheim Museum, you still get the Manhattan skyline view from the Empire State Building.

Sadly Kenneth from 30 Rock won’t give you a tour but I’m sure the NBC Studios tour will be fun nonetheless.

It’s self-proclaimed gaming paradise at Nintendo World and a world made out of little bricks at Lego World.

Family Friendly activities at Rockefeller Center
Entranced at Nintendo World
Family Friendly activities at Rockefeller Center
The cool Lego replica of Rockefeller Center inside the Lego Store.

After all this sightseeing, you deserve a treat from Magnolia Bakery.

After all that overindulgence, take a moment for quiet reflection at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Saks Fifth Avenue has gorgeous store windows that reflect the beautiful items for sale inside.

American Girl Place shows that Disney isn’t the only place where dreams can come true.

Family Friendly activities at Rockefeller Center
You know the American Girl Place stylist is thinking “I went to beauty school for this??!”

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14 thoughts on “Family Friendly Activities at Rockefeller Center”

  1. We took our two to New York and loved it, we stayed at the Hilton near Radio City it was a fantastic location we loved New York. And so are so right the Rockafella is amazing, it has the most incredible view from the top x

    1. we tend to stay around Rockefeller Center too! it’s pretty central, lots of transport connections and minimises the walking.

  2. I’ve been to NYC so many times but still haven’t made it to the Rockefeller Center. Watching a sunset from the Top of the Rock is def on my to-do list! Good to know it’s so kid-friendly, so I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

  3. We have been to New York City many times and love the area around the Rockefeller Center but still haven’t tried some of these activities! I think the next time we visit we’ll have to try to book a tour of Radio City Music Hall and try something sweet from Magnolia Bakery!

  4. great tips for seeing Rock Center. I have started recommending Top of the Rock over the Empire State. it’s still newish and less well-known so the crowds are better, the views are stellar — and you can see the Empire State from the Rock Center and get great photos of it. and I like the little movies about the history of Rock Center and NBC that you can watch before you go up. I like watching the skaters in the Rink, but for a better NYC ice rink experience, go to Wollman Rink in Central Park. the view is amazing and the rink is a more reasonable size!

    1. True. The Central Park rink is bigger but it’s location in the park makes it harder to just skate for an hour and then go do something else. My kids have limited skating interest

  5. Lucky you to get a photo with that handsome Derek Hough. We enjoyed our time at Rockefeller Center, too, despite not getting up close to Derek. The view from the top was fantastic, and getting to visit Nintendo World was a dream come true for my sons.

    1. We don’t get Dancing with the stars in the UK but the kids just wanted a photo because he was in the Radio City Easter show we’d just seen.

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