Family Fun with Icelandic Horses

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Welcome to the show notes for the fifth episode of the Just Go Places Podcast. Episode Five is about a our experience with Icelandic horses on our family trip to Iceland.

Icelandic horses


On our road trip through Iceland, we saw beautiful Icelandic horses everywhere. Not surprising when you consider there are 90,000 horses in a country with a human population of 350,000.  We understand the Icelandic love of their horses though because riding the Icelandic horse was one of the best things we did on our trip. (And, we did a lot of cool things!).

Family Fun with Icelandic Horses podcast on Just Go Places Blog

We stayed at Stadarhús Icelandic horse farm where he had a cabin to ourselves.  It was set in a gorgeous location surrounded by a stream and fields of horses.  The cabin could sleep 6 people.  It was fairly basic but clean and comfortable.  The WiFi was excellent.

We enjoyed our visit to Skeidvellir (also known as Icelandic Horseworld) which is an Icelandic horse farm near the town of Hella on the south coast of Iceland. We did a tour of the stables, met one of the foals and the kids got to ride as well.

We had our horse riding gear with us (although proper riding boots are all you really need).  We had done the great value stopover deal in Iceland on Icelandiar and were on our way to the USA for the summer. Our horse-crazy kids always go horseback riding during the summer and attend pony summer camp.

I think checking out the Icelandic horses and even taking one out for a ride is a great family activity in Iceland. Younger kids will probably just be lead by the reins but older children will really enjoy going out on a trail ride. It’s great way to see the country’s amazing scenery.

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Icelandic Horses

Icelandic Horses

Icelandic Horses

icelandic horses

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  1. Beautiful photos! We were in Iceland a few years ago but didn’t get the chance to ride the horses. We stopped every so often to admire them though. What a great idea to stay at a horse farm. We’d love to go back and do what your family did.

  2. I had NO idea there are so many free roaming horses in Iceland! Now we definitely will have to visit to see that some day. And staying in a cabin at a horse farm sounds perfect, especially if it does have excellent WiFi 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience!

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