Family Restaurants in Val d’Isere

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We’ve been skiing in Val d’Isere in France for several years now.  The slopes are a good mix of easy and hard, the instructors are excellent and the cuisine is superb. We have had enough meals over the course of the years to recommend several family-friendly restaurants in Val d’sere.

As you know, I like my food. These are my 6 of my favourite establishments – five that are child-friendly and one that is a date night special.  Frankly, the Michelin-starred L’Atelier d’Edmond would just be wasted on children anyway because all my children want to do is wolf their food down and get back on their skis. Their idea of a French treat involves hitting up the supermarket for fancy French candy.

Restaurants in Val d’Isere

One of the best things about restaurants in Val d’Isere is the variety.  You can chose from a range that includes simple pizzas, trendy burger joints and formal Michelin-starred restaurants.

La Fruitiere

La Fruitiere is a converted dairy near the La Daille gondola, so hip it hurts.  Blackboard menus? check.  Zinc bar? check.  artistically arranged memorabilia? check.  The food and service are pretty good despite being packed with people.

La Folie DouceLa Folie Douce, next door and part of the same establishment as La Fruitiere, is THE place to apres-ski.  One of my abiding memories of La Folie is a saxophonist belting out music on a balcony while the snow fell around him.  You can send the children back to ski school and join the after-lunch party!

L’atelier d’Edmond

Michelin-starred L’atelier d’Edmond is truly fabulous and a good parents-only option.  Although charmingly decorated like a carpenter’s shop, the food is elegantly served and delicious.  Last year, we were in Val d’Isere for Valentine’s Day and we had lunch at this restaurant. Needless to say, we didn’t take the children!

Sur La Montagne

We like Sur La Montagne for an easy lunch.  It’s reasonably priced and an easy choice with children.  Downstairs, there are cozy sofas to lounge in.

sur la montagne

La Peau de Vache

La Peau de Vache is also on the mountain.  You can hang outside having drinks on the hay bales or go inside to try their ginormous burgers and salads.


In town, at the back of the Quicksilver/Roxy store, there is an American-style diner our children love.  It’s got good burgers and milkshakes.

Hotel Christiana

We take the option of half-board at the Hotel Christiana because the food is actually excellent. The restaurant staff serve dinner for the children early.  There is a good selection of freshly-cooked fish, steak, chicken, spaghetti bolognese and side orders of steamed vegetables.

Usually the dessert table for the adults’ dinner is in the process of being stocked while the children eat and they have a choice of treats.  The restaurant fare for the adults has specials that change every night.  Both the food and wine choices are superb.

giant icicles

We will be skiing again this year at Val d’Isere and I am looking forward to trying some new options!  If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear from you!


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