Good Eats at Hawker House Street Feast London

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It was Saturday night and the line for entry snaked around the building like we were waiting to get into a popular club.  I looked at my husband and he raised his eyebrows.  Although we have been to many food festivals previously, we have never stood in line to get into one.  The sign clearly said Hawker House Street Feast London.  So we knew we were at the right place.

My next question was slightly more frantic.  “Does our family have the dubious honour of being the oldest and the youngest at this place??”  My husband, who is taller than me, looked around.

“No,” he said. “There are a handful of kids in strollers and some people who are older than us.”

Phew.  I was not ready to face the fact that I would appear like a wannabe-young hipster-granny to the cool young couples surrounding us.  All we wanted was some good street food without actually being out on the street where it was a freezing cold January night .  They could keep their painstakingly groomed beards and plaid shirts.  We were simply on a mission to eat good food.

Hawker House street feast London indoor food market

The Hawker House night-time indoor market set up was inspired by the hawkers in Singapore. It is in a giant warehouse in Canada Water in the Rotherhithe area of South London.  There are two interconnected rooms and an upstairs drinking area.  The walls are clad in graffiti, table and chairs are scattered throughout the rooms, the music is thumping and the whole place is buzzing.

Drink Vendors at Hawker House

Check out the Whiskey Roulette at Whiskey Bar.  For £8 you get a spin and wherever the ball lands, you get that drink.  The whiskey runs from £9 for the bartenders’ specials to £35 for the most expensive. So, you win no matter what and have a bit of fun a the same time.

Hawker House Street Feast London
Try your luck with whiskey roulette.

Along with the Whiskey Bar, there are 7 other bars including the Camden Beer Van and Street Vin. The upstairs area is set up as a lounge area.

Food Vendors at Whiskey Bar

There are a rotating line up of about 20 food vendors in the space.  Very clever marketing because it encourages you to come back and try new vendors another weekend.

We had Breddos tacos (southern fried chicken in tacos) which the kids loved.  We also tried Rola Wala (pork, chicken or spicy paneer in a naan slider) which was delicious.  Dessert was hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff from Chin Chin labs.

Tip:  Go early and eat early.  The food started running out very quickly and the lines at the places with food got really long. We waited around to digest between bites which was our mistake.  For example, by 8pm, all the burgers at Chuck Burgers were all gone and the B.O.B.’s Lobster was down to just one dish. Hopefully, next week they will plan accordingly to accommodate the crowds. Although I am a bit surprised about this lack of foresight, Hawker House was around in 2015 and was very popular then too.

Hawker House Street Feast London
Naan ready to be made into sliders.
Hawker House Street Feast London
Venezuelan areas available through Petare
Hawker House Street Feast London
Interesting combo from Tata Riceatery

We definitely want to go again.  My son feels robbed because he didn’t get to eat at Meat Hook which serves Argentine-style steaks.  It was really popular and the line was just too long.  I want to try the sandwiches at Tata Riceatery which looked different from anything I’ve seen previously.  Basically, the bread part is made from rice and the seaweed you get in Japanese onigiri.  The filling was either short ribs or beef brisket.  They were sold out early too!!

Visiting Hawker House Street Feast London

Hawker House Street Feast LondonHawker House Street Feast London had its opening the last weekend of January. It will be open from 5pm till late on Fridays and Saturdays until March. Entry before 7pm is free and afterwards, £3/person. It is located near the Surrey Quays Retail Park which has plenty of parking.  Alternatively, it is only a few minutes walk from the Canada Water underground station.


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30 thoughts on “Good Eats at Hawker House Street Feast London”

  1. The name of your post drew me is as I really miss Hawker Food. It’s great that a place is set up in London. I think Anthony Bourdain is starting a different SE Asia inspired Hawker Market in New York City. The closest I have in Texas is the food trailer courts. As with the Hawker House, I showed up a bit too late (at 6PM) and many of the trucks were already shuttered having run out of food for the day.

    1. I hate when that happens! I understand they are only small and have limited supplies but on a personal purely selfish level I’m so sad at being deprived!

  2. That looks like it was a lot of fun. I have not been to the UK in years but when I lived there I too really enjoyed the food and drinks, as well as all the people.

  3. Date nights are the best; it looks like you chose the perfect restaurant. I love the excitement that the whiskey roulette wheel adds, such a great idea! Steak is my favourite meat but being as I live in Canada, I don’t think I’ll be visiting anytime soon.

    1. I think the whiskey roulette is ingenious. Also completely hipster. For your grandpa would like it, then it’s bound to please a hipster. But with a twist.

  4. I would really love to travel and be able to experience different foods! This looks like such a fun date and looks so delicious! Thank you for sharing it!

  5. Oh wow, I hadn’t heard of this before but your descriptions are making me hungry! What a shame they started to run out of a lot of things, definitely a good tip to get there early. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  6. That plays is something I would love to hang out on a Friday night with my girl pals and just chill. I wish we had more of that where I live…but alas we mostly have restaurants and not necessarily sports bars.

  7. I am a fan of these type of events. I usually do not have to make a line to enter but, and this is a coincidence, we had to stand in a super, extra long line to enter the LA Street Food festival. In Los Angeles, food moves masses.

  8. I’m so glad you wrote this and included photos! When I was in London four years ago, I had some trouble trying to figure out where to eat and what was good. I hope to return again and taste these items! Thanks for this!

  9. I love the Hawker markets in Singapore so am very interested to hear about this one in London! I’m a big fan of street food – thanks for sharing…you’ve made me very hungry! Shame some of the stalls ran out of food so early but a guess that means it was very good! Thanks for linking to #citytripping

  10. I have never been in London but is something I am looking forward to! Is this feast only running in January? Definitely sounds like something I would love to try!
    Great post!

  11. I went last year with a group of friends, and loved it. The atmosphere and the different stalls made it a feast for the senses. Even though I didn’t have my son with my, I saw so many families with young children, even when I went late at night! Great post, thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

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