Our Instagram Year In Review: The Year That Was 2016

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So much happened in the world in 2016 and much of it wasn’t good.  If I only had a garden, I would do a ritual burning of a giant wooden 2016 sign just to make sure it was behind us. On the other hand, on a personal front, we’ve had so much fun this past year travelling to some very cool places.  I didn’t realise all we had done until I started writing this article.  Here is our Instagram year in review. As you can see, I didn’t necessarily post the photos of where we went during our travels. Nor did I just pick my most liked Instagram photos because if you went by them, I only ever stayed in England or went to the USA.

Our Instagram Year in Review: The Year That Was 2016
Our Instagram Year in Review: The Year That Was 2016

Instagram Year in Review by Most Popular Photos

My most popular Instagram photos were mainly of the USA and England as shown by this nifty collage created by this nifty site 2016BestNine.  That globe photo in New York City was the first Instagram photo I took to have more than 500 likes!

Instagram Year in Review
My most popular Instagram photos from 2016

A map shows what our travel year looked like courtesy of Travellers Point (a great website for mapping out your travels by the way).

Travel Map by Travellers Point
A travel map showing our travels from 2016.

The Year That Was 2016


We started the year at Hawks Cay Resort in Duck Key in the Florida Keys with a healthy dose of sunshine.  We really enjoyed Key West which felt more like a part of the Caribbean than mainland USA.

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On our return, we went to pick up our dog who was in Wales with friends who were taking care of him during our absence.  They live in Pembroke which is where you can take the ferry to Ireland.

Colourful boats in harbour on a grey day #visitwales #visitbritain

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Then, I joined my friend Rachel from Rachel’s Ruminations for a long weekend trip to Bologna in Italy organised by the fabulous city-centre Hotel Touring.



We were lucky to get even more sunshine when we joined friends in Rio de Janeiro for Carnival. Although the whole family had fun, we hated our very expensive Airbnb and decamped to the nearby Hotel Ceasar Park. While in Brasil we went around the countryside, include Ouro Preto the old mining centre of Brasil.


Then I had to go Stuttgart for the new house we are building in London. Long story, check out my home and interiors blog for the whole 2 year saga, if you really want to know. Hopefully, it gets built in 2017 and all will be well.



My husband was in Berlin for work which is why I went along with him to attend ITB, a travel conference. Berlin, as always, was a blast.


A stag party in front of the Brandenburg Gate #berlin #travel #visitgermany

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I had been impressed with Cairo and Sharm el Sheik when I took the kids in 2015 but a press trip on a Nile River cruise showed me how beautiful the rest of the country was.


A hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings #thisisEgypt #CyplonNile

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We also went skiing at Bequeira-Beret in Spain which was a real surprise (in a good way).  The slopes were great and the food and wine even better. We may have been the only non-Spanish guests at the Hotel Val de Neu because this resort is a little-discovered skiing gem in Europe.


The Easter holidays saw us in Dorset in England.  I always feel bad that I don’t spend more time travelling in England.  I quickly remembered why after spending two weeks being windswept and rained upon along the UNESCO world heritage designated Jurassic Coast.


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Post-Dorset, I took the kids and went to the Traverse travel conference in the Welsh capital of Cardiff.  My husband was able to join me. While my husband ate and drank at a very nice pub with the kids, I took this very cold and windy day trip to the Brecon Beacons courtesy of Visit Wales.


A valley carved out by glaciers retreating after the last Ice Age. #findyourepic #visitWales #OMGB

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Pretty as it was in the United Kingdom, my resolution to see more of it did not survive two weeks of damp and cold in England and Wales. We booked a last minute trip to Malaga for some much-needed sunshine.


There’s a spare sun lounger waiting for you! #visitSpain #nocarbsbeforemarbs #marbella

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We took the kids to visit some of the Loire Valley chateaux in France which also provided spring sunshine, good food and wine.

I had to do one last trip to the Swabian Alb to work on our new house.


A #colorful village in the Swabian Alb of #germany #travel

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Leaving the kids at home, my husband and I ate and drank our way through some very nice restaurants in Dubai. Considering our hotel, Grosvenor House, has 9 world-class restaurants located within it, we were able to waddle back to our rooms after some meals.

Sushi pleasing to the eye and to taste at #luxe Japanese restaurant Okku in #Dubai #foodie

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I also joined my husband in Dublin for some work thing he had to do.  I entertained myself going on lots of educational tours of Dublin the kids could not have taken.


The first week of June we spent with our friends Andrew and Brenda of Dish Our Town at a villa in the little town of Cefalu in Sicily courtesy of Massimo Villas.

#Sunset in Sicily over the mountains @massimo_villas #sicilyforfamilies

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We spent July at our summer home in Martha’s Vineyard with friends and family.

How to have the best family vacation ever #humor #familytravel #travelwithkids (new post link in bio)

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We spent August with my family hanging out in rural Pennsylvania and sightseeing in New York City. For my husband’s 50th birthday, he wanted to take the kids on a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway in California.


I bet the #horses love living in this pretty equestrian centre #rural_love #buckscountymoment

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Hanging out with the cool kids at the Funk Zone in #santabarbara #visitCA (new post link in bio)

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I went back to Southern California in August when I joined my husband for a work thing he had to do.  We stayed at the luxurious Terranea Resort located just outside of Los Angeles. Here he is hard at work when we went searching for street art in Los Angeles.


We had a big family reunion with the English side of the family in Whitstable in Kent once again for my husband’s 50th birthday.  The entire year seemed to have been a string of birthday celebrations for him.  I also took the kids to Fowey in Cornwall in England for their October half-term holiday.


The castle and chapel at #ntstmichaelsmount #cornwall #travel The family who own it still live there!

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Can you believe that I did not leave London in November?  My daughter has exams to enter middle school in January. Her need to study put a crimp in our travel plans.

On a sunny day there’s no city I’d rather be in! #ilovelondon #travel #placestogo

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I met a friend in Rome for a long weekend. Funny but true story:  They were putting up decorations on the giant Christmas tree in front of St. Peter’s Basilica.  The guy on the cherry picker saw me taking photos and decided to strike a pose. Unfortunately he dropped the box of decorations.  The driver of the cherry picker and I burst into laughter.


I took the kids to New York and Pennsylvania to see friends and family before the Christmas holidays. I discovered the difference between New York and London during the holidays is the constant stream of Christmas music everywhere in New York City.  I don’t know how those salespeople in the stores, the waiters in the restaurants can stand an entire month of it.

A brownstone beauty decked out for the season in #manhattannyc #TBIN #christmasdecorations

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Our Plans for 2017

I hope you enjoyed our Instagram year in review. What are we planning for 2017?

Well, it will be similar to this year in that we’ll spend our summer in the USA. We’ve got plans to visit Venice during Carnival, a lifelong dream of mine. We’ve also booked a two week trip to China for Easter.

our year in review: 2016 in Instagram photos
kayaks by the pond in Chilmark, Martha’s Vineyard

I’m sure France will figure prominently in our trips as well.  My son will do his crossing over ceremony from a Cub Scout to a Boy Scout on the beaches of Normandy as part of the Transatlantic Council of the Boy Scouts of America Camporee.

My daughter is spending a term at a boarding school in the south of France. It’s all I can do not to hire a house in the neighbouring village for 3 months and ‘casually’ drop by. Or, maybe a good [easyazon_link identifier=”B00OBSW7UI” locale=”US” tag=”jg20-20″]Teddy Bear spy camera[/easyazon_link] will do.

The instagram year in review
Should I go low-tech or high tech when spying on my daughter?

Follow along on my Instagram account @justgoplaces and see what we get up to in 2017!

19 thoughts on “Our Instagram Year In Review: The Year That Was 2016”

  1. What a great way to relive and recap your eventful year! It looks like you really had an incredible 2016! It makes me want to go back through our old instagram photos and take a stroll down 2016’s memory lane!

  2. Great round up. I love doing a year end round up because, as you said, you don’t realize how much you did in a year. It seems like a short time or a long time has passed with little activity but we do so much even if we don’t leave our own surroundings. It’s a great time to do a roundup and just remember and be thankful for all that we’ve accomplished. Berlin looks hilarious… and it was for work? hahha Awesome.

  3. I love this idea of compiling an overview of your year in Instagram photos! I bet they bring nice flashbacks. It’s awesome you got to see quite a few places in Europe – that Sicilian sunset looks amazing!

  4. Sorry to hear that 2016 hasn’t been the best year all round, but it sounds like you’ve managed to pull some pretty fabulous vacations and escapes throughout the year! Here’s to an amazing 2017, and leaving the past in the past. I also don’t realize how much we do each year until I sit down and round it all up for our Christmas letter. It’s a good time to reflect!

  5. I remember seeing your photo of the Angel’s wing art in LA and thinking that I really wanted to see that for myself. I had a trip to the area planned, but sadly didn’t have enough time to check it out. Such a great photo!

  6. Wow, you all had just as crazy of a year as I did. Looking back I had about 30 trips this year and they were all over. I love seeing this type of travel. While all your photos are amazing, I’m curious as to why the U.S. and U.K. ones did better, I loved the photo of Brazil the best. I will be heading to Carnival this year, let me know if you have any posts. As for 2017 I’m taking a bit of a breather in the first part of the year before picking up and heading to live in a castle in Poland for a week and snowboarding in Chile! Happy Travels and New Year!

    1. Carnival is a lot of fun – I’m sure you’ll love it. There are a lot of posts on the Rio Carnival in the Brazil section. We had a blast and then went for some quite down time to see what Brazilians get up to when they are not partying like mad. I’d love to go back for another Brasilian city’s carnival one day though – each one apparently has its own unique flavour.

  7. A veritable list of what-to-do-in-a-year travel plan. :). Some of the photos are just awesome. I laughed when I read your line “Casually dropping by…” ha ha ha.

  8. I love the way you pieced together your year in review (I definitely checked out my “best 9” according to Instagram and I also didn’t feel like it really gave a comprehensive view of my travels this year). Your photo round up is so pretty and colorful and I’m sure it made for a great visual review for yourself and the family! A bunch of my travels in the past couple years also were thanks to work trips my husband had to attend (Dublin, Manchester, Amsterdam to name a few) — comp’ed hotel stays are such a fun perk!

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