<Drum Roll>  Introducing the Just Go Places podcast where I talk about cool places to go with your family and speak to various people about family travel.

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The Inspiration

I’ve now become an avid listener of podcasts ever since attending a talk on podcasts at TBEX on the Costa Brava a couple of months ago.  The talk was given by Nathaniel Boyle of The Daily Travel Podcast.  He was a really inspirational speaker full of enthusiasm for this format.  Nathaniel has a fabulous show I listen to every evening but, honestly, I don’t know how he podcasts every day.  It’s a lot more work than editing a post, but it could be that I am more of a natural writer.

So, like everything else, I jumped in headfirst.  I have prepared a series of podcasts that I will roll out over the coming weeks.  It took me a while to figure out how to record and edit so doing a few in a batch has helped me hone my skills.

The Just Go Places Podcast - family travel podcast

The Plan

I’m hoping to provide you with a podcast every week. I plan on publishing some solo episodes which would be me discussing some places that we visit and talking to some of the people at those places about what you can expect.

I’ll also have a free form discussion with different families on their trips just like you would if you were catching up with a friend.  It’s not limited to the crazy world of travel bloggers!

And… a radical new concept for family travel… ditching the kids on occasion!

My husband and I try to take one trip a year without the kids even if its just a long weekend and we really treasure that time we have together where we are just two adults again free of parenting responsibilities. I have also gone away with just my friends just for a fun girly weekend.  Friendships are to be treasured – it’s good for parents to remember they have a life outside of the kids! So yeah, the family travel on this podcast can mean no kids allowed too.

So, this podcast format is very much a work in progress.  Please feel free to leave comments so that I can tailor the podcasts to what you want to hear.

I’ll keep the podcasts short (about half an hour) which is about all the attention span I generally have for podcasts.  Also, I’m learning all about podcasting, sound quality etc. (so bear with me!) and it’s a steep learning curve.

I need to upload this podcast onto iTunes which I am doing.  It will take about a week for iTunes to put it on their platform (believe it or not, they actually check the content of stuff that’s uploaded!).  You can listen to it on my blog in the interim.

This first episode is an introduction to me and to the podcast.  Shorter than the upcoming shows at only 12 minutes, I actually found it hard to talk for that long.  So hence, I will be making liberal use of guests on the show!