It’s Red and Gold For A Viennese Christmas

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The Christmas season in Vienna really does bring out the crowds. Although the sky is a uniform shade of light grey, the streets are packed full of locals and tourists and the lights twinkle from the street decorations.  Although some of the buildings are decorated, generally it is the streets that have overhead lights and decorations.

I keep seeing trees with red and gold ornaments everywhere.  Red and gold is definitely a favourite colour combination.

red and gold christmas tree

We ran into the SantaCon party crowd again.

Vienna Santacon

The street lights are more subdued than in London, but I do find the London lights over the top.

Viennese Christmas street

The Christmas markets are in full swing.  Even though there are 25 official markets, each one we went to was heaving with people.

Vienna Christmas market

The gluwein was free-flowing and each Christmas market had a different shaped/coloured mug in which to serve it.  You had to put a deposit down for the mug which you got back when you returned the mug.  Needless to say, we went on a gluwein mug shopping spree because they are great souvenirs.  My husband got stopped in airport security because he was bringing home half a dozen of these different gluwein mugs in his carry-on bag!  The guards laughed at him.  But, seriously … how cute are these mugs?!

Vienna gluwein mug

The horses drawing the carriages had on their festive red or gold ear warmers.

Vienna horse and carriage

Rathausplatz outside the main city hall was very child-friendly with large decorations on trees and a little carnival.

Vienna tree decoration

The city is very atmospheric with lights twinkling in the cold, grey sky and the pale coloured stone of the buildings.  I honestly couldn’t get over how grey and foggy the sky is.  I heard that the clouds settle into Vienna from November to March with not enough wind to blow them away.

Vienna church of St Stephen

Vienna is a beautiful city.  This visit has really made me want to return in the summer when the weather is warmer and the blue skies are visible.  I’ll bet it looks like a completely different city.


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