My Guilty Pleasures When Traveling

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What are your guilty pleasures when travelling?  I have two (bet you didn’t think there would only be two, right?). Ha! OK, I’ve limited myself to two so that I can retain whatever air of mystery I have left after having opened up to the exploration of my life on the internets.

I confess to loving and overindulging in the breakfast buffets and the hotel spas.  We usually stay in hotels that have both amenities and I feel guilty if I don’t fully use a hotel’s services.  Then, of course, I feel guilty for being so pampered and such a hedonist.  Being raised Catholic, I feel more than my fair share of guilt as you can tell.

Breakfast Buffets

Breakfast buffets don’t need to be large to be delightful.  There is usually a good variety of fruits and cereals.  Then, of course, there are the local options which are always a delight to explore (especially if they involve some form of pastry).

breakfast buffet

Why the guilt?  I eat way more at breakfast in a hotel than I do at home.  My usual breakfast at home is porridge and some tea gulped between yelling at the kids to hurry up.  If I am feeling super-organised I make a fruit smoothie to take in the car on the school run.  So, a leisurely breakfast prepared (and, as importantly, cleaned up) by someone else is a real treat.

square egg
Who has time to make a square egg in real life?

Feeling the weight of gluttony of a choice of breakfast treats, I do walk off the extra calories exploring the city.  This enthusiasm for exercise leads to my second guilty pleasure.

Hotel Spas

In many hotels, I eventually find my way to the hotel spa because I have aching muscles from all that walking.

spa treatment

My husband dutifully takes the kids to the hotel pool while I go to the spa.  I feel slightly guilty that he is enduring the endless pool games (Marco Polo anyone?) with the children.  But, then I turn over and get my other side massaged.  I feel he needs to spend quality time with the children because I spend the rest of the time with them.

Feeling guilty, neither dampens my pleasure nor stops me from repeating these activities.  The whole Catholic upbringing has ingrained in me the belief that a good confession brings absolution.

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  1. I must admit I LOVE breakfast buffets too! I also usually stay in hotels or bed and breakfasts that offer free breakfast, not only does it help cut travel food cost but like you said, I can indulge and fill up, which helps fuel my day exploring!

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