Cherry blossom festival in washington D.C.

Cherry Blossom Festival in Philadelphia

Most people have heard about the National Cherry Blossom Festival that is held in Washington D.C. every spring in celebration of the friendship between Japan and the United States.  You can even keep track of the cherry blossoms (sakura in Japanese) that burst into colour on Bloom Watch.  This year

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Crossing into History

We spent Christmas Day doing something completely different.  We went to the 61st annual re-enactment of George Washington’s historical crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas night in December 1776.  The area is now designated as Washington Crossing Historic Park. As every American school child knows, George Washington and his

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Experiencing Amish Country with Children

My children were fascinated with Amish country.  What do you mean no TV?!  Not even DS?!  Confusion abounded that such a world existed today and not in the time before dinosaurs (when their mother was a little girl). With the children’s curiosity piqued, our family really enjoyed the sights of

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Roadtrip USA: The Pennsylvania Dutch Countryside

Before he met me, Mr. N and his best friend always did a yearly road trip in the United States.  We’ve reinstated that tradition with the children in the last couple of years.  This summer we are driving up the East Coast from Pennsylvania where my family lives through New

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