Photo Gallery: The Fantastic Doors of Marrakech

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Do you ever wonder what is behind a closed door?  The doors in Marrakech that I saw contained so much detailed and colourful work that I could only wonder the extent of the beauty that lay behind the doors.

open moroccan door

I am used to doors that blend into the background serving the their basic function as entrances and exits.   Especially in big cities like London, you don’t want a super nice door attracting the attention of potential robbers to your house.  Doors in Morocco, on the other hand, are much more flamboyant.

marrakech brass door

Moroccan doors are made of a variety of materials (wood, brass, plaster etc.) and colours.  Intricately carved or rustic and basic, the doors are an attraction in themselves.

marrakech studded door

This hand of Fatima (hamsa) door knocker is a protection against the evil eye for the inhabitants of the house.  Fatima was the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed and a powerful woman in a male-dominated society.  The hamsa is also a part of Berber culture.

hand of fatima door knocker

I think this door looks like it has a highly stylised hamsa door knocker.

marrakech door

The variety and colours of Moroccan doors are a joy to photograph.  As you can see I took that joy to heart!

marrakech mosque door

marrakech door

marrakech door

There is even a flea market for buying old Moroccan doors – the Bab El Khemis, if you are so inclined.  I didn’t buy any doors, tempting as they were.  My children would have thrown a complete tantrum if they thought I was taking them antiques shopping when they knew they could be in the glorious hotel pool on a sunny day.


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6 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: The Fantastic Doors of Marrakech”

  1. Hi, I LOVE the bottom door – with the pink walls and jewelled looking doors! I’m in Marrakech this weekend – if you get this in time could you let me know where this door is if you remember as I would love to photograph it. No one that I’ve asked knows and I’m just calling it ‘The Pinterest Door’ now! Thanks!

    1. That’s actually the tourism office door – office right near Jamaa al Fna square. Past the square itself, towards a little sad garden square. Have fun in Marrakech! I loved the architecture in Marrakech.

      1. Thanks so much! I am desperate to find and photograph this door!! I looked on the map and no tourism office in jamaa al Fna coming up – there is a small green space called Jardin de Rosier near the Bahiaa palace though? Can you remember which direction past the square it was? Thank you so much for this!

        1. I wish I could remember. We had a private guide who took us around. It’s right outside the Djemma – I remember because my son had a snake put on him by a pushy local and was completely freaked out. We needed to get the kids out of the market square itself. We crossed a road (with our life in our hands with oncoming traffic) and waited by this little square for the car that was taking us back to the hotel. It’s where the guide lefts. It may not be the actual tourist office anymore – it was closed while we were waiting for the car. The square was the size of a postage stamp – nothing as grand as a garden really other than some shrubs growing there with some benches. We messed around there a bit just to get my son’s mind off the square. It really was just outside the Djemma square (with the street food and the snake charmers etc). We didn’t wander far at all. I hope you find it!

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