Swimming with the Fishes in the Royal Seascope 

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We heard mixed reviews about the Royal Seascope glass bottom boat tours in Sharm el Sheikh. Some people loved them while others thought they were lame.

The Seascope boats are semi submerged in the water so that you can experience the sea life without actually snorkelling or diving.

We had a nice reef off the beach in our hotel. The kids weren’t sure if there was better snorkelling elsewhere. I had heard of a recent shark attack off the coast of Sharm. Trying to find out where any shark sightings were proved futile. I get the impression Egyptians will tell you what you want to hear in order to sell you something.

The compromise the kids and I reached was the Royal Seascope.  

The good points:

  • There is a whole floor under the boat with lots of seats for everyone to see.
  • It’s great for little children and older people who can’t or don’t want to snorkel.
  • It’s an enjoyable short excursion the whole family can enjoy together.

The bad points:

  • You might as well be in an aquarium. I guess the difference is that on the Seascope you are the one in a glass tank.
  • You don’t see as much marine life as the sales pitch tells you that you are going to see. I’m sure the shadow of a hulking boat scares away many creatures.
  • Vendors are trying to sell you stuff before, during and after the tour. It drove me crazy as a parent when sellers stick ice cream right under the children’s faces.

Our verdict?  Just go snorkelling if you are able to do so. There are nice coral reefs near land so that you can avoid any deep water issues.


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