SantaCon is Coming To Town

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Get ready to be overrun by a lot of drunk people dressed up as Santa.  The London SantaCon is the 6th of December this year.  It’s supposed to be a festive start of the season but usually just dissolves into a drunken mess.

Santacon London
Image credit: Garry Knight

Here’s part of a song from the UK SantaCon website which will give you a flavour of what’s expected of the London SantaCon revellers:

You better watch out
You better take fright
You better keep your daughters
at home tonight
SantaCon is coming to town
SantaCon is coming to town
San-ta-Con is com-ing to town

SantaCon started off as a way to celebrate the holiday season in a fun and non-traditional way.  People must dress up as Santa with the whole outfit and not just the hat.  It’s also completely non-religious – Tel Aviv has an annual SantaCon.  Some of the Santa outfits definitely belong on the naughty list.

This year marks its 20th year after having started in San Francisco in 1994.  Sometimes the Santacons can be family-friendly – it really depends on the location.  A full list of locations and dates can be found on the SantaCon website.

Santacon San Francisco
Image credit: Mark

We inadvertently ran into French SantaCon revellers in Paris last year who were a fairly well-behaved bunch. They did have teenagers with them and were peacefully riding bikes along the Siene.  They were probably gathering to have a glass of Grand Cru and discuss Proust.

Santacon Paris

It’s not just the London Santacon revellers who go a little crazy.  New York City has a history of Santacons going wrong.  The rules on the 2014 New York City Santacon website are pretty funny and explicit in trying to head off trouble.  In true New York style, they set out a short form of the Santacon code of behaviour as well:

1.Don’t F*ck with Kids
2.Don’t F*ck with Cops
3.Don’t F*ck with Bar Staff
4.Don’t F*ck with NYC

Santacon NYC
Image credit: David Bledsloe

Will you be joining or hiding from Santacon this year?


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