Spanish Gift Ideas For Those Dreaming of Spain (Including Spanish Food Gifts)

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Are you interested in gifts for Spain lovers? We have create a list of Spanish gift ideas for you to give on their own or to create a Spanish gift box. If assembling a gift hamper is too much work, we also have suggestions for ready-made Spanish gift boxes. Our suggestions include Spanish food gifts, Spanish wine gifts (including Spanish wine gift baskets) and Spanish food cookbooks. Spanish food gifts from Spain are the best thing to actually being there!

Spanish Food Cookbooks

Spanish food cookbooks are a great gift for the enthusiastic cook. While Spanish food gifts from Spain, the long-term approach would be too learn to cook Spanish food yourself.

Easy Spanish Cookbook by Norema Salinas has tasty AND easy recipes of all your favourite Spanish foods. It’s got a handy guide of what dish comes from where in Spain and the essential ingredients you will need to cook them.

Spanish paella dinner on the table
Spanish food cookbooks can teach you how to make favourites like tapas and paellas

Tapas and Other Spanish Plates to Share by Ryland, Peters & Small is another favourite of ours. For family dining, it’s easier to have small plates because then we can all be assured of having at least one dish all of us will love.

Ibiza, or the White Isle. Party Central for Europe. And in the midst of that, there’s iconic Pike’s Hotel, famous on Ibiza for being the setting of many a hedonistic party, such as Freddie Mercury’s 41st Birthday Party, Wham’s Club Tropicana video. The hotel club is called Freddie’s because it used to be Freddie Mercury’s personal suite.

So what else to set the stage for all that good food but a great Spanish cocktail from the new Pikes Cocktail Book?

images of Pikes cocktail book, a sangria jug and 2 glasses and the Original Lost Boy cocktail
Pikes Cocktail recipes include traditional Spanish favourites like Sangria as well as their own creations (image credit: Pikes Hotel)

Spanish Food Gifts

Brindisa is a Spanish food importer into the UK. Check out their Brindisa Spanish Paella kit. You simply can’t make paella correctly without a proper paella pan to make this dish.

Another food gift from Spain is Spanish ham. Why not gift someone a leg of serrano ham from Teruel in Aragon which completes with its own wooden stand?

Jamon serrano. Traditional Spanish ham on black close up. Dry cured spanish pork ham in a plate.old vintage wooden background
A generous Spanish gift idea is a leg of Serrano ham which comes with its own stand.

Brindisa also has a Spanish gift hamper of food which includes Chorizo, almonds, and figs among other Spanish gifts from Spain.

Looking for smaller gifts that are food related? Turron is a  nougat candy from Alicante that is traditionally eaten in Spain at Christmas and makes a great food gift from Spain.

Note! We love that boxes of Turron are available in different sizes for different budgets including a box that’s less than $10. It’s a great gift on its own but also as a filler for a Spanish food gift box.

Alternatively, we suggest the following:

Spanish Wine Gifts

Who doesn’t like Sangria, that Spanish favourite mix of fruit and wine? Add Cava which is Spanish sparkling wine similar to Champagne and you get these delightful Spanish wine gifts that is Sangria de Cava, by a company based in Barcelona.

Great Spanish Gift Ideas include Sangria with citrus fruit mint and ice
Spanish wine gifts like Sangria can take you back to long summer nights in Spain.

Spain is famous for its red wines e.g., Rioja, Temperanillo and Monastrell. It also has excellent white wines like Godell and our personal favourite, Albarino.  Something we would love to receive ourselves is the Spanish wine hamper which is a selection of 6 bottles of wine from Spain (3 each of red and white).

Need Spanish wine gifts for spicy food lovers? Check out the Spicy Red Wine made from Grenache grapes grown in Aragon mixed with a quarter pound of habanero chilli peppers. I can only imagine you would sip this wine and not guzzle it.

Gifts From Madrid

Have someone who loves Madrid? These gifts from Madrid are perfect!

For someone who will share the bounty of a Spanish gift hamper with you how about a Madrid Spanish Hamper which includes 2 bottles of wine, a bottle of gin, olive oil, vinegar, chorizo and Turron nougat, among other Spanish gifts from Spain.

For someone who is house-proud and would like gifts from Madrid, how about a Madrid art print or a Madrid skyline print?

Madrid Skyline with skyscrapers at Sunset, spain
Check out photo prints if you are looking for special gifts from Madrid

Got a Real Madrid fan you need to shop for? Here are some ideas of Spanish gifts for men:

Gifts From Barcelona

Similar to the Madrid Spanish gift hamper above, there’s a Barcelona food hamper that includes wine, coffee, Turron and olive oil for the person you know who would appreciate these great gifts from Barcelona.

night view of Barceloneta beach, Barcelona, Spain
If you can’t bring sun and sand back as gifts from Barcelona, the next best thing is food gifts from Spain!

The rivalry between football clubs Real Madrid and F.C. Barcelona runs deep. If you’ve got a Barca fan on your hands, how about these Spanish gifts for men?

A caganer is a small bare-bottomed figurine of a person looking like they are caught mid-poop.  Caganers appear in Catalan nativity scenes to show that all people are basically equal.

Let’s face it, with Covid 19 still around, we are going to be homebound at least until the spring when hopefully the majority of the population will have gotten the vaccine. Doing puzzles and games has been a fun way for us to pass the time as family.

For people who like puzzles, this 1000 piece wooden jigsaw of the Sagrada Familia, the most famous church in Barcelona would be a great gift.

Puzzles make great Spanish gifts for kids. My son loves 3D puzzles of architectural landmarks such as this 3D puzzle of the Sagrada Familia.

Other Spanish Gift Ideas

Gift someone special a Valencia hamper which includes olive, wine and lemon honey and other Spanish gifts from Spain.

Trees with ripe oranges and bell tower of famous Saint Mary's Cathedral on background under blue sky in Valencia, Spain.
Other Spanish gift ideas evoke the scent and taste of Spanish oranges.

Ok, you can’t be in Valencia to smell the oranges, but you can bring the smell of oranges in the sun to you with the Jo Malone London Orange Blossom Home candle. How about the scent of a hot afternoon and a siesta in a hammock in the garden? Or the smell of an early morning in the Spanish Pyrennes?

For dinner parties, gift these beautiful Spanish beeswax candles by L’abella from Spain. They smell of honey and have a beautiful honeycomb pattern on the side.

Oranges are also equated with Seville and the gin craze has hit full speed. How about Seville orange flavoured gin or gin flavoured with botanicals from Malaga? These are great gifts for gin lovers who love Spain (that would be most British people!).

Next up, though in the trend setting liquors though is sherry which is refashioning its image as a sickly sweet drink for borderline-alcoholic maiden aunts. Check out Pedro Ximenez sherry as a dessert wine or the light and dry Manzanillo. Just like the younger generation has adopted Grandmillenial style, sherry from Andalucia has been called the hippest old person drink.

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Pinterest image of Sangria and Cava on a table with the text: “travel from home Spanish gifts from Spain"
Looking for Christmas gifts for someone who loves Spain? We have a big list of gifts from Spain ideas that go beyond souvenirs from Spain gifts. One of these 35+ Spanish gift ideas is sure to be a winner! The best gifts from Spain are available online and support local artisans so you buy local even from afar. Give gifts that are Spanish food, Spain has such great options. And also for Spanish wine. Put a few Spanish gifts to create a Spanish gift basket. Almost as good as a Spanish vacation!

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