The L Street Tavern Has The Luck of the Irish

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The lucky owners of the L Street Tavern had just bought the bar a few days earlier in March 1997 when they were approached to use the bar as a movie set.  The movie, Good Will Hunting, went on to become an Oscar-winner which launched the careers of its screenwriters, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, into the stratosphere.  The L Street Tavern hasn’t done too badly either!

L Street Tavern

Although tourists now visit the bar, The L Street Tavern is definitely a local bar.  I saw a handful of locals who looked like they propped up the bar on a regular basis (and had done so for quite some time).

L Street Tavern

The L Street Tavern is proud of its Irish neighbourhood roots.

L Street Tavern

I couldn’t decide if the Irish paraphernalia was still up from St. Patrick’s Day.

L Street Tavern

Then I saw the countdown to the next St. Patrick’s Day and decided that it was probably St. Patrick’s Day here every day.

L Street Tavern countdown to St Patricks Day

Although the L Street Tavern has had a revamp in 2001, it’s still small and dark with a real neighbourhood feel.  You won’t have a problem telling which booth was used for the filming of Good Will Hunting.

L Street Tavern

The classic scene from Good Will Hunting filmed here was when the genius character played by Matt Damon shows up a smug Harvard guy.  I mean who wouldn’t root for Matt Damon in this scene?!


You can get food in from the two Italian restaurants across the street.  I guess Southie despite being a real Irish neighbourhood still appreciates good pasta and pizza.

L Street Tavern

Open daily from noon, the L Street Tavern is located at 685 East 8th Street.  Parking is limited because it is restricted to local residents.  I went with On Location Tours who run regular Boston movie tours.  These tours regularly drop by the L Street Tavern bringing customers and fanning the flames of its fame.

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