Visiting Lower Manhattan With Kids

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Welcome to the show notes for the fourth episode of the Just Go Places Podcast. Episode Four looks at great places you can explore in lower Manhattan with kids.

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Today’s guest is Andrew Tolentino who is one member of the blogging team behind Dish Our Town, a family food and travel blog.  The Tolentinos are leaving their beloved NoLiTa (the Manhattan neighbourhood that stands for North of Little Italy) to travel the world for a year or more.

Andrew grew up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan as well as having lived in NoLiTa as an adult. He’s seen a lot of changes in lower Manhattan, all for the better as far as families and visitors with children are concerned.

Lower Manhattan is a microcosm of the immigrant dream which shaped both New York City and the nation as a whole. Andrew gives us the inside scoop on his favourite places to visit and to eat in this area that he loves so much.

There are lots of big-name sightseeing attractions in New York City that its easy to overlook a large chunk of lower Manhattan. But I agree with Andrew that embracing a bit of slow travel – browsing the stores and munching at eateries as you make your way through this neighbourhood – really gives you a sense of what makes New York City such a cosmopolitan and exciting place to live and to visit.

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Is this a) Little Italy b) Chinatown or c) TriBeCa?


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  1. One of our best experiences on our last stay in NYC was on our last day – we didn’t have any fixed plans and walked right around the bottom tip of Manhattan Island (from the Irish Hunger Memorial on Vesey Street in the west to the Brooklyn Bridge in the east) and then cut back through the middle past City Hall and the Courthouses, the Woolworth Building, St Paul’s Chapel and the One WTC Freedom Tower. Slow travel really does give you a much better appreciation of some of the texture and colour of a big city like NYC.

  2. I love Manhattan. Isn’t it amazing how many miles and miles and miles you walk through Manhattan and not mind one bit?
    P. S. Just for the heck of it, I have been looking at appartments to buy in Manhattan. Sometimes I do that as if money was no option 🙂

    1. Oh! I love that too. My husband calls it property porn. I love looking at those high end catalogues like Sotheby’s which show the villas in the south of France or the Caribbean! Dreamy.

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