Weekly Roundup #9: Food Glorious Food!

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This week with all the preparing for Thanksgiving, food has been heavily on my mind.  You won’t be surprised then by the theme which is one of my all time favourite songs from Oliver!

Magical food,
Wonderful food
marvelous food,
Beautiful food,
Food, Glorious food glorious fooooooood

Oliver – Food Glorious Food Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Some non-holiday recipe ideas

My kids wold love these mini pizzas! Deep dish cupcake pan pizzas are perfect finger food for a party or if you are on the run and just need to feed your children quickly in-between activities.

When you are under the weather, there’s nothing like soup to make you feel better. I found this great recipe for one of my favourite soups, French Onion Soup, that you can make in a slow cooker.

 A recipe for French Onion soup that you can make in a slow cooker

Some new recipes for the holiday season

I know Thanksgiving is today and so this may come a little late for some of you.  On the other hand, the British have turkey and sides for Christmas so these recipes will come in handy for many of my readers.

I was going to do my usual candied sweet potato dish this year which has been a firm favourite with my family for many years.  When I decided to be healthy and go with this healthier roast butternut squash and sweet potatoes dish.

So what do I do with all the jumbo marshmallows that I bought in anticipation of the yearly Thanksgiving dish?  Why, toasted marshmallow shot glasses, of course. Not entirely sure if these marshmallow shot glasses will hold but I’ll have lots of fun trying!

Thanksgiving will be a distant memory tomorrow as Black Friday sets upon us. Christmas, however, will officially have started.  I know many people, including my husband, love brussels sprouts with their turkey at Christmas.

You could just roast brussels sprouts together with the squash and onions.

If you have gluten-free participants at your meal, why not try this delicious gluten-free sausage stuffing?  I, for one, absolutely love the stuffing and the sides.  It’s a fairly open secret in my family that the turkey will be the smallest portion on my plate.

gluten free sausage stuffing
photo credit: @KarinSheets via Gluten-Free Mom

What would a Thanksgiving dinner plate look like if it was done by one of the great modern artists like Picasso, Magritte or Dali?  This artist has a creative answer. Now you can rest easy knowing the answer and focus on eating.

TGS for Slate-Mondrian copy

A holiday feast wouldn’t be the same without wine would it?  After all, how much small talk can you make with your relatives before someone says something really annoying. I’m a firm believer that alcohol makes the extended family tolerable.

holiday workout with wine

I love me some chardonae-nae and I love this video.

And, onwards past Thanksgiving

If you feel like being gluttonous on our travels, check out this article which lists some the world’s most over the top meals.  No surprise, it lists Las Vegas hotels and their buffets.  Other options include a 40-course Dutch meal inspired by its colonial past (a Rijstaffel) or a smorgasbord in Sweden.  I’m so glad that not all of these meals are American!

Finally, something that we should remember which is highlighted at Thanksgiving but should be part of our attitudes all year round.  Feeling grateful and happy will make you feel positive about your life.  Maybe it’s tricking the brain into thinking all is well and good, but why not?

I wish you and your family all a blessed Thanksgiving.  See you next week!

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup #9: Food Glorious Food!”

  1. I love French Onion soup at restaurants but never tried making it at home. Thanks for the recipe – now I definitely want to try making it. And those toasted marshmallows look so scrumptious, too! Perfect party food!

    1. I would bring out the marshmallows after everyone started drinking. As long as one person was sober to work the torching marshmallows that could be fun.

  2. I have never had brussel sprouts and I don’t think my mom ever fixed them so I don’t even know why I don’t like em lol. I think its because I saw a tv show where the person spit it out and I thought yep not doing it lol. Great round up I do love that soup.

  3. The Adele and Thanksgiving mashup is hilarious! SNL did a fantastic one this season as well. My favorite Thanksgiving food has to be pear and apple crumble. It’s so fruity, warm, and delicious. I’d highly recommend it!

    1. I’ll have to look up the SNL skit on YouTube! I’ve never had pear and apple crumble but I love both fruits do will have to try it.

  4. Oh there are some great ideas here coming into the christmas season! Brussel Sprouts are a huge hit in my family… will have to give your gratin a try with some modifications to allow for our food intolerances. And OMG are you serious with the toasted marshmellow shots?? oh my who comes up with crazy things like that?? They look so cool!! Great inspiration. Thanks

  5. Alright, so I saw the French Onion soup and just about slobbed all over my shirt. OMG! it looks soo good. I have been looking for a good French Onion Recipe, but haven’t found one I like. I am going to make sure I try yours.

    1. It’s technically not mine – just a recipe that I found and thought was excellent. I love French onion soup in the winter.(It’s the cheese again!)

  6. ooooh that soup!!! Thanks so much for including a gluten free option for the stuffing. My husband is my chef and we just skipped it this year so I wouldn’t get sick. I don’t know why but it didn’t even occur to me to google it. I think we’ll try this receipe at Christmas.

  7. You had me at food.

    Minus the onions, can’t stand onions – no matter who what or when they’re cooked with 😉 I do love the smell of french onion soup, especially my Mom’s home-cooked one. Funny how that is. I REALLY love brusseel sprouts cooked in the oven, mainly over-cooked actually, with bacon on top. SO crispy, and probably not that healthy anymore but still super good.

  8. The artistic plate cracked me up! LOL Have you tried the marshmallow shot glasses? It looks like it’d be kind of flimsy to pick up, no? I bet it’s super tasty though. I totally loved the photo of your French onion soup. It looks like heaven 🙂

    1. No I want to try the marshmallow shots. Good for a girls night in right? I think you might need lots of napkins for it though.

    1. I’ve tried several and they came out well. The one I really want to try but am a little afraid of is the marshmallow shot glasses.

  9. Everything looks absolutely delicious! I’m not a marshmallow lover, but the shot glass idea is very clever! I’m usually someplace hot at Christmas and sometimes turkey is available and sometimes not. I used to really miss not having turkey on the day, but over the years have come to enjoy what ever is on offer on Christmas day. This year I arrive in Barcelona on the morning of the 25th, and can’t wait to see what I will be having for my dinner that day! Thanks for linking up this week. #TPThursday

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