The Best Street Art in Sao Paulo

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In a city known for the high quality of its street art, Batman Alley stands out as particularly awesome.  Located in the trendy neighbourhood of Vila Madalena, Batman Alley is an outdoor gallery with every spare inch of space covered in street art.  The work is ever changing as artists create new works and in the process cover up older pieces.

street art in Sao Paulo Batman Alley

The artwork in Batman Alley is brash, bold and colourful. Sometimes you really need to step in to see the detail.  Alternatively, you need to step back to see the big picture (literally!).  The artwork expresses so much such as political opinions, poetry, philosophy.

Batman Alley street art in Sao Paulo

I asked our guide Leo about the origin of the name.  He told me it comes from the 1980’s when someone drew a cartoon of Batman on the wall. People started referring to it in everyday speech as a recognisable place and the name stuck. The area is safe during the day and a popular tourist spot.

The alley is popular for photos and parties.  We saw a woman doing a photo shoot of her baby belly during our visit.

Batman Alley street art in Sao Paulo

As unsanctioned artwork, there isn’t any approval process in putting your mark on Batman Alley.  On the other hand, with the quality of the work on display, you better be good if you want to put your work up here.  The street artists though have a code of conduct where they respect each others work.  You can’t draw without asking the original owner of the work. If the work is fading etc, they may let you take over the space.  So we’re talking a self-policing community of people creating work for the people.

Batman Alley street art in Sao Paulo
Art defaced probably by someone who hates Corinthians, one of the major Sao Paulo football teams

Although the alley runs only about 250 feet long (a couple of city  blocks), allow yourself plenty of time to take it all in.  The street art in Sao Paulo is truly impressive and none more so than what you find in Batman Alley.

Batman Alley street art in Sao Paulo



Batman Alley street art in Sao Paulo

Batman Alley street art in Sao Paulo

Batman Alley street art in Sao Paulo

Batman Alley street art in Sao Paulo



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11 thoughts on “The Best Street Art in Sao Paulo”

  1. Oh my gosh! I love street art so much and it is one of the things I love to look for and stumble upon when I am travelling. These pieces are incredible, I love how bright they are, especially in the sun! Beautiful 🙂

  2. Wow, this alley looks amazing! It reminds me a bit of the street art found on the Berlin Wall, but I love that this area is controlled by the artists themselves and that they respect each other (for the most part). I hate when people deface art that took so long to create. Even if it was about a football team … Thanks for linking up 😀

  3. I love how the street artists support one another and want to have quality work on display even though it’s unsanctioned. It’s great to read about a community that really look out for one another. The more I see of street art, the more I fall in love with it!

  4. Street air in so many cities always blows me away. It’s crazy to think someone painted that with a can of paint. So many great street art around the world!

    1. I agree. A can of paint and no mistakes. It’s not like they can hide away it in their studio if the piece is awful or hit delete on the computer!

  5. What an incredible place – thanks for sharing this. Some of the street art is stunning. I love how the artists have their own code of conduct.. it clearly works. Thank you for linking up to #citytripping

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