Why You Should Make Time To Take A Tokyo To Nikko Day Trip

Tokyo is an exhausting city which is why it’s always good to leave it for short breaks. In addition to our day trip to Hakone, we went to Nikko, a UNESCO World Heritage town set in the mountains north of Japan which is home to one of Japan’s most famous shrines....

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Multi-tasking Tourists at Senso-ji in Tokyo

I should not have been surprised by the crowds at Senso-ji in Tokyo.  A popular tourist attraction for many reasons, we were swept along with the crowd when we visited.  With both a Buddhist temple and a Japanese pagoda, Senso-ji is culturally significant. It's also...

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Visiting Akihabara – An Epic Parenting Fail

Chances are if you are buying electronics in Tokyo you will go to Akihabara which has street upon street of stores devoted to the sale of electrical goods and  cameras.  Akihabara is also a centre for Otaku (geek) culture for those people really into their anime and...

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Visiting Trendy Tokyo in Harajuku With Kids

Thanks to Gwen Stefani, Harajuku became popularised in mainstream Western culture with her Harajuku Girls backup dancers.  Harajuku is a very trendy area in Tokyo which is located in the Shibuya ward.  It runs from Harajuku station right in front of the Meiji Shrine...

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Finding Tranquility in Tokyo at The Meiji Shrine

Turning the corner onto a lane bordered by trees, we escaped the noise and heat of urban Tokyo into a tranquil oasis of green.  The shade provide by the tall trees was also welcome relief from an unexpectedly warm day.  It was hard to believe that the wide lane and...

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Fun Things To Do In Hakone With Kids

Visiting the Hakone region of Japan is a nice and easy excursion from urban sensory overload if you are visiting Tokyo.   Located only about a 100 kilometres away from the capitol, Hakone is a very popular destination for both Japanese and international tourists to...

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Ten Cool Facts About The Tokyo Tower

The red and orange Tokyo Tower stands like a beacon in the city skyline.  In a cityscape of very tall skyscrapers, the colours and shape make it instantly recognisable.  Similar to its French counterpart, the Eiffel Tower, Tokyo Tower is a beloved symbol of the city....

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A Complete Cutefest at a Cat Cafe with Kids

Tokyo can be overwhelming for anyone.  The crowds, the signs, the neon lights, the traffic etc. all add up to a lot of sensory overload.  So what do you do when you need to unwind?  Heading back to your hotel room is an option (but boring).  How about unwinding like...

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A Happy Halloween Parade in Tokyo

Halloween in Japan is becoming a really big deal.  I have a feeling they will soon be as obsessed with the American holiday of Halloween as they are with the American sport of baseball.  It's another American import that the Japanese have really taken to heart. As one...

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