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Nyhavn Harbour: The Longest Outdoor Bar in Scandinavia

Nyhavn (New Harbour) in Copenhagen really is the cutest little harbour you did see. Built on the orders of King Christian V between 1670-73, the harbour is built at the end of a canal with wide streets on either side.  The promenades are lined with colourful buildings dating back to the 18th century.  The oldest

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Christiania, the Copenhagen Commune

Christiania is an 84 acre self-governing zone within Copenhagen which refuses to concede it is part of the E.U., or for that matter, Denmark. Technically, the commune is only about 10 minutes away from central Copenhagen.  Christiania recognises no law other than its own.  The rules are fairly broad as you would expect – for

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Peaceful Coexistence in Copenhagen

I found Copenhagen an interesting mix of the old and the new, tradition and subversion.  For example, the Church of Our Saviour is a traditional Baroque church situated near the hippie commune of Christiania.  In another example, the Royal Library is a complex of two very different buildings – one traditional and the other strikingly

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