A Guide To The 5 Best Hill Stations in Uttrakhand India

Chances are you haven’t heard about Uttrakhand, a state in the North of India. Uttrakhand has had brief moments of popularity in the West such as when the British Empire built hill stations in Uttrakhand as their summer escapes, or when The Beatles stayed in an ashram...

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How to Reduce the Costs of a Trip of a Lifetime to India

  Traveling to India for the first time can be a daunting prospect and one in which needs to be planned meticulously to help minimize costs. If you live outside of South Asia then the chances are that such a journey will be extremely expensive and the focus on...

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Fun Activities For Kids Visiting Mumbai

Today I have a guest post from the team at Guiddoo, a travel planner app.  They have lots of suggestions for keeping children entertained in India's glamorous centre of business and entertainment, Mumbai.  I hope you enjoy this great list of fun activities for kids...

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Seven Reasons I Had An Unforgettable Trip To India

Anyone who visits chaotic and colourful India will come away with a jumble of opinions, impressions and memories.  I, too, had an unforgettable trip to India a few years ago. Even now, the memories flicker in and out of my mind when I least expect it.  It's the scent...

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