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Limited amount of people in St Marks Square in Venice

10 Tips For City Trips in Europe During A Pandemic

City trips in Europe are still possible even during this time of the corona virus pandemic. Traveling to European cities is an adventure since it allows you to walk through living history, see world-class attractions, explore European culture, and take part in thrilling street shopping in iconic destinations such as Barcelona, London, Paris or Rome. With corona

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Things to do in Treviso include sitting in a Treviso restaurant on a canal

7 Amazing Things To Do in Treviso Italy (+ the Treviso Food Not To Miss!)

Located just a few miles north of Venice, Treviso is a hidden gem in the Veneto region. With a network of flowing canals and arched bridges, Treviso is affectionately known as little Venice.  Although Treviso does have some of the charm of Venice, the city has a lot less tourists. However, Treviso’s attractions extend beyond

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prosciutto San Daniele with figs

San Daniele del Friuli: The Northern Italian Town That Foodies Must Visit

San Daniele prosciutto, made in San Daniele del Friuili, is widely regarded as Italy’s finest. With a highly-coveted DOP designation granted by the European Union, San Daniele ham has been produced in the same artisanal manner for centuries. In addition to the prosciutto San Daniele is famous for, this small town has an old world

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cookbook and chorizo and knife on a chopping board

Everyone Loves Tacos (How To Make Benito’s Hat Flavours At Home)

Taco Tuesdays are a firm favourite in our house, but sometimes we don’t limit ourselves to tacos once a week! One of our favourite fast casual restaurants in London is Benito’s Hat. This taco restaurant has expanded to several branches in London – a far cry from just a decade ago when Mexican food in

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The Louvre Museum in Paris

7+ European Art Museums with Virtual Tours So You Can Visit From Anywhere

Stuck inside? Welcome to the world of armchair travel. When your wanderlust is constrained by physical limitations but not WiFi, these European art museums with virtual tours will let you explore some of the greatest art collection in the world. These art museum tours online cover from several of the foremost museums in the world

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The majestic Norwegian fjords as seen from a Ponant Cruise ship

The Top Northern European Cruises With Ponant Cruises

With Northern Europe cruises, you will be embarking on a remarkable journey that is certain to create an unforgettable cruising experience for all kinds of travelers. Any of the fabulous Northern European cruises with Le Ponant cruises offer memorable travel experiences. You could visit the stunning ports of the British Isles, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Scandinavia,

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