Covered Bridge in Bucks County Pennsylvania

The Covered Bridges of Bucks County

Did you know that Pennsylvania has the most covered bridges of any state?  There are 219 covered bridges left in the state.  I set out to explore some of the historic covered bridges of Bucks County in Pennsylvania courtesy of the very handy covered bridge tour put out by the

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Elmo Loves You and Sesame Place

When my children were younger, they loved Elmo from the US hit children’s show, Sesame Street, with a passion that defied explanation.  They loved everything about Elmo – his pet goldfish, squeaky helium voice and limited repertoire of ways to express his love. My parents live in Pennsylvania near Sesame

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On A Roll Like A Philly Cheesesteak

In Philadelphia, the cheesesteak is a culinary institution. It’s a fast food you can get in food trucks, delis and small restaurants. Opinion varies on which are the best cheesesteak restaurants in Philadelphia but we went’ with a traditional favourite, Jims Steaks. The cheesesteak is a long roll filled with

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The Amazing Crayola Experience Tour

Crayola for me is the smell of childhood.  My neat-freak mother did not like the mess that Play Doh made and so would steer me towards the Crayola box every time I wanted to do anything artsy.  Pretty much all the time because my parents were definitely of the ilk

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