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A Saturday Night Making Friends in Berlin

One of the truisms of life:  You can’t go wrong with a restaurant recommendation by a food blogger in their own home town. Uncharacteristically for me, I had dropped the ball in making dinner reservations for the Saturday night of The Hive conference in Berlin (now sadly defunct as a blogger conference).  Lucky for me though,

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Ampelmann appears on the pedestrian crossings

Ampelmann Create Not So Pedestrian Crossings in Berlin

Who knew that pedestrian crossing lights do not have to be so, well, pedestrian? The pedestrian crossing lights in Berlin are really special. The design of the so-called Ampel Men (Ampelmann), tare one of the holdovers from when Germany was a divided country.    The Design of the Ampelmann In 1961, traffic psychologist (now that’s specialised!),

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The Trabant May Get The Last Laugh

The Trabant, also known as the Trabi, is an East German car that became the punchline of many jokes. Here are some old Trabant jokes that have made the rounds frequently. Q. When does the Trabant reach its top speed?  A. When it’s towed away. Q. What goes on pages 4 & 5 of the

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punk Rock berlin

The Many Sides of Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg in Berlin is one of the trendiest neighbourhoods of the city.  A fairly considerable area, the neighbourhood is eclectic and interesting.  You can easily spend a few days in this area and not be bored. The area is an architectural mix of buildings which date from the mid-19th century when industrialisation fueled the growth

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