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Asian Fusion at Shojo Boston

A Quirky Take on Asian Fusion at Shojo Boston

Nestled among the usual suspects in the handful of streets that make up Boston’s Chinatown, the unassuming stark contemporary exterior of Shojo leads into a dimly-lit interior. I knew this restaurant would be different because it wasn’t advertising dim sum on the outside or painted in red and/or gold.  Inside, the street art inspired graphics

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Boston China Town
New England

Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About Boston’s Chinatown

I’ve been on this mission to check out the Chinatown in whichever city I find myself.  Earlier this year, I had a chance to check out Boston’s small but historic Chinatown. Cool Facts About Boston’s Chinatown The Chinatown in Boston is the third largest in the United States. Only the Chinatowns in New York and

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Have You Heard Of The Most Haunted Hotel in New England?

Located in the historic centre of Boston, the Omni Parker House has been called the most haunted hotel in New England.  As the oldest working hotel in the United States, its walls have seen a lot of history. The original hotel, Parker House, was built by a man named Harvey D. Parker in 1855.  It

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The L Street Tavern Has The Luck of the Irish

The lucky owners of the L Street Tavern had just bought the bar a few days earlier in March 1997 when they were approached to use the bar as a movie set.  The movie, Good Will Hunting, went on to become an Oscar-winner which launched the careers of its screenwriters, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck,

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