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South Africa

Twelve Things That Surprised Me About South Africa

Whenever you travel you always find things different from what you expected, sometimes in a good way and sometimes not. For better or for worse, our expectations of what to expect when we travel is formed by what we read and hear in books, media and word of mouth. As a first time visitor, I found

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Sainte Chapelle: The Parisian Jewel in the Crown

In a beautiful city such as Paris, you know that something has to be really special to be listed among its most beautiful buildings. My favourite church in Paris, Saint Chapelle, is tiny in comparison to other Parisian monuments but it is like stepping into a jewel box.  This church has the largest collection of 13th

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parliament house on the Thames

Touring The Houses of Parliament in London

Did you know that as a resident of the United Kingdom you could tour The Houses of Parliament for free?  You need to be sponsored by a member of Parliament or the House of Lords.   There are also guided tours of Parliament for non-residents but these tours you have to pay for.   So

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