Exploring Dublin at Christmas

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The city of Dublin at Christmas time brings out all the festive cheer as we found out when we went to Dublin this last weekend.  We were surrounded by not only tourists from other countries but also Irish people who had come to the capitol to shop and to enjoy the cheerful atmosphere.

1. Festive Decorations

There are Christmas trees galore everywhere such as this beautiful one at the landmark hotel, The Shelbourne.

sherbourne hotel christmas tree

The beautiful decorations at The Shelbourne extend to this gorgeous fireplace.

christmas fireplace at the sherbourne

The State Apartments at Dublin Castle have a massive, beautifully-decorated tree as well.  The other ornaments are slightly more understated.  With all the gilt in the rooms, the Christmas decor really shows sparkle and splendour.

Christmas Tree at State Apartments

christmas decorations at state apartments

Grafton Street, the famous shopping street, is full of buskers and stores decorated for the holidays.

graft on street bow

2. Fireworks at Dun Laoghaire

Just a short rail ride away on the commuter line at the town of Dun Laoghaire, they had fireworks over Dublin Bay which were spectacular (if cold).  I’ve always thought of fireworks as a New Year’s thing so it was a pretty nice surprise to see them before Christmas.

fireworks at dun laoghaire

3. Christmas Markets

Of course, it wouldn’t be Europe without a Christmas market.  Unlike Vienna, Dublin is not awash in Christmas marketsawash in Christmas markets.  There are only two Christmas markets in Dublin, one near the city centre at St. Stephen’s Green and the other in the Docklands, both of which are small and charming.

christmas market

christmas market

4.  Winter Funderland

Winter Funderland is a long-standing Christmas tradition in Dublin according to our taxi drivers.  All of Dublin will get there at some point during the holidays (and it definitely felt like it when we were there!)  Similar to Winter Wonderland in London, it’s got lots of kid-pleasing winter activities such as ice-skating, a circus and a carnival. Our children had a blast!  They actually went on a log flume in the middle of winter – crazy!!

winter funderland

I hope you enjoyed our whistlestop tour of Christmas time in Dublin and it has gotten you in the mood for Christmas!


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