The Top Northern European Cruises With Ponant Cruises

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With Northern Europe cruises, you will be embarking on a remarkable journey that is certain to create an unforgettable cruising experience for all kinds of travelers. Any of the fabulous Northern European cruises with Le Ponant cruises offer memorable travel experiences. You could visit the stunning ports of the British Isles, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Russia, Poland, and Germany.

Visit to learn more about their ships and how you can look forward to a truly exceptional sea voyage in Northern Europe. The luxury ships from Le Ponant cruises have been stopping at both popular and hidden-away ports along the Northern European coastlines. Discover the unique charm and elegance of the Norwegian fjords, Baltic Sea, or the British Isles and feel the influence of their heritage. Isn’t it is time to become aware of the architectural treasures, the most cosmopolitan European cities, and the lakes and glaciers of Northern Europe?

The majestic Norwegian fjords as seen from a Ponant Cruise ship
The majestic Norwegian fjords as seen from a Ponant Cruise ship (Image credit: ©StudioPonant-Laurence Fischer)

The Charm of Northern European Cruises

Northern European cruises have some interesting and unusual itineraries that take you to the most remote parts of the planet where you come face to face with untouched and pure nature.

Norwegian fjords Ponant cruise
How amazing would it be see the Norwegian fjords as part of a Northern European cruise? (Image credit: ©PONANT Philip Plisson)

Here are some examples to whet your curiosity about Northern European cruises:

  • Cruise to the Baltic Sea and Norwegian fjords to see spectacular sights such as the Northern Lights.
  • Get ready for a unique experience of enjoying the fascinating sights of castles and glaciers under the midnight sun.
  • Discover some amazing cities like Stockholm, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Tallin, and St. Petersburg.
  • Sail all the way to the mythical Cape North, or go see those picturesque hamlets in Germany and Norway.
A Baltic Port on a Ponant Cruise
Stop by a Baltic port on a Ponant cruise (Image credit: ©StudioPonant-Laurence Fischer)

Le Ponant Cruises

 Take advantage of specially designed Ponant itineraries to enter the extraordinary landscapes, snow-capped summits, and lush green valleys within Northern Europe. Each of the Le Ponant cruises offers you the cultural experience you are looking for and captures the essence of each locale in style and luxury.

  • Sail between Dakar to Lisbon and explore Spain, Cape Verde, and Portugal, as well as Cape Verde and the Canary Islands with all those vineyards. This itinerary will introduce you to the cultures and traditions of the local area.
  • The Dublin to Portsmouth cruise is another exceptional itinerary. You find you self in the heart of the Celtic Sea and land of legends. Visit the Giant’s Causeway near Belfast to check out those massive geological formations for yourself.
  • The Lisbon to Lorient cruise with Ponant offers you a unique gastronomical experience with exceptional chefs on board, thanks to the partnership with Ducasse Paris, Le Point, and Château Latour.
  • The Bergen to Copenhagen cruise is another unique itinerary designed by Ponant that allows you to discover Norwegian Treasures. Embark on the luxury ship to sail along the Norwegian coast and enjoy looking at the famous mountains of Bergen.
  • The Lisbon to Glasgow cruise invites you to sail along the Atlantic coastline and visit four European countries, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland. Discover some UNESCO World Heritage monuments and come back with unforgettable experiences.
  • The Honfleur to Dublin cruise lasts for eight days and seven nights and allows one to discover the treasures of the Celtic Sea. Enter the heart of beautiful landscapes of the wild and lose yourself amidst the lush green prairies and quaint little villages.
  • The Copenhagen to Bergen cruise means discovering Norwegian Treasures, and the 8-day cruise will take you along the Norwegian coastline. Enjoy this exceptional itinerary that takes you to many unspoiled fjords and vertiginous cliffs in Copenhagen.
  • The Lorient to Honfleur tour offers you an extraordinary cruise along the coast of Brittany. The brand-new cruise takes you to the Ponant Islands and along the Breton coastline for indeed a unique experience.
Sheep Grazing in Europe
Sheep grazing in Europe (Image credit: ©PONANT Philip Plisson)


8 Northern European Cruises
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