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The Truth About Toucans

I’ve been a big fan of toucans ever since I was introduced to Toucan Sam, the mascot for Fruit Loops cereal at a very impressionable young age.  (Hey – it was the 70’s! No one knew sugar cereals were bad for you.)  Apparently, I’m not the only fan of toucans.  These pretty birds are popular

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Icelandic Horses

Family Fun with Icelandic Horses

Welcome to the show notes for the fifth episode of the Just Go Places Podcast. Episode Five is about a our experience with Icelandic horses on our family trip to Iceland. Summary On our road trip through Iceland, we saw beautiful Icelandic horses everywhere. Not surprising when you consider there are 90,000 horses in a

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Dolphin Encounter in the Gulf of Aqaba

What started out as a simple snorkelling expedition off the coast of the Sinai Peninsula turned into the most amazing dolphin encounter. We set off from Sharm el Sheik in a small inflatable boat bound for Tiran Island in the Gulf of Aqaba.  Tiran Island is known for having great snorkelling. Remember we took the

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