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30 reasons to visit Orange County in California

30 Reasons to Visit Orange County in California

Orange County is the typical Southern California paradise that the world expects from SoCal.  No wonder then that there have been so many recent television shows set in the area, including 4 seasons of the O.C. and reality television fodder, Laguna Beach, The Hills and The Real Housewives of Orange County.  If people are going

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5 Things You Need To Know About Primrose Hill

5 Things You Need To Know About Primrose Hill in London

Primrose Hill is one of my favourite neighbourhoods in London.  When we were house-hunting in the area, we were choosing between Primrose Hill and St John’s Wood.  In the end, we choose St John’s Wood because the houses were nicer and it was less of a so-trendy-it-hurts scene.  A disappointed Primrose Hill real estate agent

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Hot Springs South Dakota
Pacific Northwest

5 Indoor Activities Near Hot Springs South Dakota

So you’ve been awed by Mt. Rushmore and wondered at the tenacity of the sculpting family behind the Crazy Horse Memorial.  You’re ready for fresh air and the beauty of outdoor activities of South Dakota.  You definitely have great options to enjoy nature in the Badlands, Black Hills, Custer State National Park and the Mickelson Trail, to name

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Boston China Town
New England

Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About Boston’s Chinatown

I’ve been on this mission to check out the Chinatown in whichever city I find myself.  Earlier this year, I had a chance to check out Boston’s small but historic Chinatown. Cool Facts About Boston’s Chinatown The Chinatown in Boston is the third largest in the United States. Only the Chinatowns in New York and

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st. James's London

10 Things I learned About St. James’s London

On a fine Sunday afternoon, the last of the warm and bright summer days, the kids and I decided to wander into central London for a walking tour involving history and sweet treats.  We took the Piccadilly and Petits Four walking tour of the neighbourhood around St. James’s London with Yannick Pucci.  Yannick is not

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