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Hemingway's Key West House

The Cats That Usurped Hemingway’s Key West House

I feel it is deeply unfair when a woman has an unabashed love of cats she’s known as a crazy cat lady.  When a man, however, is a cat lover no one comes up with such a pejorative nickname.  Relatives of mine (ahem! my brother) are crazy about their cats. He’s got three cats who

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Miami beach art deco

Everyday Drama on South Beach in Miami

We heard the Lamborghini’s roar before we saw the car itself.  Not that the black and gold car was hard to spot even in the sea of expensive cars awash along the sidewalks of South Beach in Miami.  Everybody’s head turned and the cell phones came whipping out of pockets.  Even the vanity license plate

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Ghosts in Key West Florida

Searching For Ghosts in Key West Florida on a Key West Haunted Tour

Remote islands are always going to attract people who are a bit different from the majority of people on the mainland. Perhaps they chose island life because they wanted to escape the conformity of the majority population or maybe island life made them a little bit loony.  The southernmost island in the United States, Key

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Key West in Photos

A Day in Key West Florida in Photos

I’m on Periscope showing people a beautiful sunny afternoon in Key West when I hear my kids yelling “chickens!”  In the middle of scoping, I turn around with phone in hand.  Lo and behold, there are indeed chickens walking randomly around.  Some person on my feed wants to know if they are really chickens or

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Top Tips To Survive a Trip to Disney World

When I was trooping through Disney World Orlando with my children, I have to confess that I did not think I was in the so-called happiest place on Earth.  We had been to Disneyland Paris with the children when they were 3 years old, and had forgotten how much larger Disney Orlando is in comparison.

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There's More to Orlando Than Just Disney

I’ve got a guest post today because we are skiing in France this week.  I am definitely more of a warm-weather lover so my preference would have been to head somewhere sunny this half-term, like Florida.  I agree with many people that Orlando is an easy family holiday option – great weather, theme parks and

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