Iceland sunset at kirkjufell
Glaumber a traditional Icelandic farmhouse

Glaumbaer, A Traditional Icelandic Farmhouse

In the early years of the new millennium, Iceland got carried away with some good financial times revelling in its prosperity and flashing its cash.  Of course, the party was broken up in 2008.  Why did Iceland party like a high school kid in a Katy Perry song (“Last Friday night, Yeah,

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How To be Icelandic

8 Tips on How To Be Icelandic

We fell in love with Iceland on our recent July visit.  The landscape is stunningly beautiful in the summer with its Icelandic horses roaming wild, rocky fjords, thermal spas and colourful houses.  Would I live there?  No.  A month of warmish sunshine in the year would not cut it for

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Harpa Concert Hall

The Glittering Harpa Concert Hall in Reyjkavik

The critics questioned why the £90 million Harpa concert hall was being built in Rejkavik, the capital of a country that had gone spectacularly bankrupt in 2008.  Construction of the Harpa was started in 2004 when Iceland was riding high as the new financial whiz kid on the block.  Unfortunately,

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Icelandic wrestling statue

Icelandic Wrestling, AKA Sumo for Skinny People

Wits have described Icelandic wrestling (or Glima) as sumo wrestling for skinny men.  Glima, the national sport of Iceland though breeds strength and agility.  The word Glima comes from Old Norse and means ‘flash’ which technically is what you are supposed to do to your opponent.  You throw him so

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