What To Do in Bahia Brazil

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Salvador in Bahia

The city of Salvador in Bahia (Photo credit: Thais Saito)

The African Soul of Brazil

In 2009 I spent two months travelling all over Brazil, the country at the top of my travel dreams list. Out of all the places we visited, Bahia was the one we liked the best.
Brazil is a very diverse country, product of lots of cultures mixing and matching – Bahia is where the ‘African soul’ of Brazil survives at its strongest. You can see African influences in the traditional food, music and even religion – some local people practice Candomblè, a syncretic religion that mixes Catholicism and the worship of African deities. You can also assist to ceremonies, where worshippers enter a state of trance.
In terms of places to see in Bahia, I recommend Chapada Diamantina for hiking, Morro de Sao Paulo island for the Bahia beach experience and Itacaré Brazil to surf and enjoy the relaxed Brazilian vibe. And naturally, don’t miss visiting Salvador!
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