Tips For Having The Best Experience at Carnival in Venice

Having just returned from Venice Carnival 2017, I have mixed feelings about visiting this city during this festival.  Many of the carnival outfits and the Venetian masquerade masks were truly beautiful. On the other hand, Venice is busy at the best of times and we...

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Teaching Kids About The Godfather Trilogy While in Sicily

If you are a movie buff, The Godfather Trilogy holds a special place in your heart.  The Godfather Parts I and II are two of the greatest movies ever made ... and The Godfather Part III isn't as bad as many people think.  While we were hanging out post-dinner at our...

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Photo Essay: The Charming Town of Castelbuono in Sicily

When we first entered Castelbuono in the mountains above Cefalu, we thought it was the sleepiest town we had ever seen.  Not a person was on the street.  Most of the stores were closed.  Soon we realised, we had arrived in town for siesta.  Slowly around 4pm, the...

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Exploring Sicilian Street Food in Palermo With Children

When I heard that Palermo was ranked as one of the best places in the world for street food, I knew our family would have to check out the scene.  We love our street food and it's a fast, easy and casual option for eating out with children.  We had checked out the...

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Why Hotel Touring in Bologna is a Hidden Gem

Who doesn't like value for money?  I know I do.  Finding a good quality three star hotel is like searching for a needle in a haystack. In my experience, many independent hotels (except for the ones associated with a reputable brand like Small Luxury Hotels) are...

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The Archignassio: A Paean to Human Curiousity in Bologna

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Isaac Newton (1676) This expression is even older than Newton himself even though he was the first to popularise it in the English language. This phrase came to mind when I visited the Palazzo...

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Five Reasons to Visit Bologna with Kids

I was a little surprised when I heard our hotel concierge at Hotel Touring say that Bologna is not considered a particularly child-friendly city for tourism. Lots of families from the north of Italy pass through the town in the summer though on their way to the...

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Valentino Red and the St Regis Rome

When you are looking for an escapist weekend away in Rome, you can’t do much better than the St. Regis Rome, the Eternal City’s first luxury hotel. My friend and occasional contributor to this blog, Dianna, is a big fan of the St. Regis brand.  The St. Regis Rome was...

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