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Sainte Chapelle: The Parisian Jewel in the Crown

In a beautiful city such as Paris, you know that something has to be really special to be listed among its most beautiful buildings. My favourite church in Paris, Saint Chapelle, is tiny in comparison to other Parisian monuments but it is like stepping into a jewel box.  This church has the largest collection of 13th

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Cartier: Style & History Exhibits the Sparkle of Legends

On my last visit to Paris, I was lucky enough to see Cartier:  Style & History, the largest exhibition of the master jeweller’s couture works to date.  In all honesty, I was blown away by how well this exhibit was done.  The craftmanship involved in Cartier’s couture jewellery makes each piece a work of fine

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Christmas Festivities in Paris

Other than the window displays at the big department stores, how else does Paris jazz itself up?  Well, the CIty of Lights is big on lights, naturally. We went to the Christmas market on the Champs Elysses.  It was fun and very crowded.  Not particularly oozing in charm but it had the essentials — random

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Christmas at the Parisian Department Stores

New York City has a whole host of stores that go to town with their Christmas displays – Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdales. In London, we have Harrod’s, Harvey Nicks and Selfridges that get all creative with their store windows.  What about the department stores in Paris?  Parisian

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Hotel Review: Le Pavillon Des Lettres

Before we had children, my husband and I decide our lifetime ambition would be to visit all of the Small Luxury Hotels in the world.  Yes, we are really that shallow.  Unfortunately, lots of the SLH hotels don’t take little children and so our plan was put on hold.  My recent child-free mini-break to Paris

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Searching for My Lost Shaker of Salt in Paris

Mr. N is in Paris on business and I tagged along.  We haven’t travelled without the children in 3 years and absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?  I absolutely adore Paris and any excuse to go there, however weak, works for me. One of our favourite places to eat is this dive in the

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City of Sweet De-Lights

I’ve read several theories on how Parisian women maintain their enviable figures.  One theory is that they never eat until they are full but just until they are no longer hungry.  In a city full of culinary delights, that takes some serious willpower!  I tend to eat until my petrol tank is completely full not

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