Dutch windmill at sunrise, Groningen, Netherlands
The Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas involves gifts of food

The Dutch Tradition of Sinterklaas

For the Dutch, Christmas starts with the arrival of Sinterklaas which is a beloved tradition in the country. Sinterklaas (the holiday) takes place on the fifth of December every year and is dedicated to Sinterklaas (the person).  The Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas is a beloved holiday with its own customs

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Fun Things To Do In The Jordaan Amsterdam (Including With Kids!)

The Jordaan district is a trendy, charming area in Amsterdam full of boutiques, cafes and cobblestone streets.  Built in 1612 to house the working class, the neighbourhood now has a gentrified population of creatives and professionals. The peaceful streets and canals transport you to a completely different world away from

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cats in Amsterdam

The Cat Who Came To Dinner

I was at dinner in Amsterdam in an Italian restaurant by myself when the restaurant cat came and sat across from me.  Yes, there are cats in Amsterdam everywhere and some of them hang out at the pubs and restaurants. My little visitor was actually pretty funny looking at me

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Inside Design Amsterdam

You wouldn’t think seven-year-olds would do a design tour of Amsterdam would you?  Well, my children surprised even me.  OK, I admit, I sprinkled in design stores with liberal stops for snacks and playgrounds. The weekend we were in Amsterdam was the 10th annual city tour for Elle Inside Design Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam in the Autumn

I had known Amsterdam had a lot of parks, but I wasn’t expecting the areas outside of the official parks to be so well planted. Amsterdam in the autumn is beautiful with all the fall colors of the leaves reflected in the canals. Moreover, the weather is still warm and

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