Where To Travel in February in Asia and Australia When Looking For Where is Hot in February

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Somewhere in the depths of midwinter, right after the buzz of the New Year’s celebrations wears off, I am next moving onto places to visit in February. In the UK, the kids get a week of vacation for half-term in February. Sometimes we go skiing in February but occasionally we just need an answer to the question where is hot in February (well, if I have my way!). The best February vacations get you through the midwinter slump and carry you through to the better weather and longer daylight hours of spring. Who best to give advice on places to travel in February than travel bloggers? In this piece, nearly 30 of my colleagues give their suggestion for the best travel destination in February.


Where is Hot in February in South East Asia

South East Asia answers that question of where is hot in February with a double winner. Cheap places to travel to in February combined with the best time to travel in Southeast Asia make this region a great travel destination in February. When you are looking at places to visit in February, consider such diverse countries like Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The weather in Asia is not all the same. While the north of Asia is cold and grey, the weather in South East Asia is fairly idyllic. The best place to travel in February in Asia may actually present a dilemma because there are so many great travel destinations.

So many places to travel in February in Thailand for a beach vacation

Places To Visit in February: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Tropical Cambodia is balmy and sunny year-round, making it a great place to escape for a winter hit of Vitamin D. February is an ideal month to visit the Kingdom, as temperatures drop to a pleasant 84-92°F. It’s also one of the calendar months with the least amount of rainfall, all but guaranteeing visitors a healthy dose of sunshine.

February is the tail end of Siem Reap’s high season, when crowds at Angkor start to thin out slightly, but before the pre-monsoon heatwave hits. Because it’s dry, you don’t have to worry about storms spoiling your sunrise over Angkor – surely one of the most iconic travel experiences in the region.

Temperatures rise in the afternoon, so it’s a good idea to choose a Siem Reap hotel that has a pool. If temple fatigue hits, there are plenty of other indoor and outdoor activities to keep you entertained, from visiting a silk weaving workshop, to participating in a cooking class. If the sun hasn’t warmed you up enough, the spicy food will!

Siem Reap is a must-visit, but try to avoid the temptation to fly in and out. Visiting Cambodia’s small towns, such as Battambang (located 2 hours’ south of Siem Reap) or Banteay Chhmar (3 hours’ northwest of Siem Reap) can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Phnom Penh, the capital, has its own merits and is worth spending a few days to learn about Cambodian history.

– by Emily Lush of Wander-Lush

Siem Reap in Cambodia
One of the best places to visit in February in Asia is Siem Reap in Cambodia (Image credit: Emily Lush)

Places to Travel in February: Lombok, Indonesia

The Indonesian island of Lombok has beautiful weather all year round. It has a tropical climate and is said to only have two seasons, a wet and a dry season. The dry season is from May to September and the wet season is from October through to April. Lombok is the lesser known ‘sister island’ of Bali and is fortunate to experience a MUCH milder wet season than Bali does.

By travelling to Lombok in the month of February you can expect the odd tropical rain shower but can rely on the fact that you will have beautiful hot sunny days (temperatures in the high 20’s) every day! The surfing and snorkelling is amazing in Lombok, and because it is still much less developed than Bali is, you can expect less crowds and better hotel and flight deals!

An island holiday to Lombok any time of the year, will mean guaranteed sunshine and beach days!

– by Tamlyn Nicoll of Eat Pray Love Play

Lombok beach
Lombok travel Asia brings you to one of the best beaches in Asia in February (Image credit: by Tamlyn Nicoll)

Travel Destinations in February: Kuching, Malaysia

If you want to see the winter sun, come to tropical Malaysia. We see the sun all the time, and apart from the seasonal monsoon and haze from Indonesia, is the perfect place to escape the winter chill!

Kuching is located in Borneo and comes highly recommended because it has all the advantages of a capital city.

Grab is our local version of Uber and easy to use, its historical riverside buildings are worth a walk (Chinatown looks just as it did decades ago, third generation tin smiths still ply their streets and the buildings are well-preserved), incredible local street art to explore and an unlimited amount of local food to try! Kolo mee, kampua, and Sarawak laksa aka the Breakfast of Gods as declared by Anthony Bourdain, being just some of the examples of what you can find at nearly every coffee shop in town.

And if you are more outdoorsy, there is also the Bako National Park where you can go hiking and meet wild bearded pigs, or the Semenggoh Wildlife Center for orang utan feeding times.

Sleepy town it might be, but boring it certainly is not!

– by Iuliya Wong of Doing Life with Iuliya

Kuching Street Art China Street
Street art in Kuching Malaysia one of the top warm weather places to visit in February in Asia (Image credit: Luliya)

Asia in February: Langkawi, Malaysia

If you want to escape the winter sun, Langkawi is the perfect place. A small island off the west coast of peninsular Malaysia, Langkawi has a lot to offer travellers. It’s also relatively easy to get to with Kuala Lumpur being a big, regional hub and there being many flights a day to this island from there and other places.

Being located in the tropics, you can get sun and heat at any time of year. However, February is one of the best months to visit thanks to being less humid and the big crowds of December and January having departed.

On Langkawi, there are plenty of opportunities to explore nature. You can relax on a beautiful beach, explore the island from the water or explore under the water with snorkeling and diving opportunities. You can also go jungle trekking or kayaking through mangroves.

It’s a gorgeous island with large limestone karsts surrounding the island. A cable car ride over the jungle is the best way to get an appreciation of everything the island has to offer.

– by Sharon Gourlay of Dive Into Malaysia

Beach in Malaysia
For beach lovers, Malaysia is one of the best travel destinations in February (Image credit: Sharon Gourlay)

Where To Travel In Asia in February: Sabah, Malaysia

Winter can be very daunting for some. Snow, cold weather, rain or strong wind, it makes our life difficult and we crave for winter sun. Sabah in Malaysia is an excellent choice to enjoy the winter sun.

Known for its beaches, rainforest, coral reefs and wildlife reserves, Sabah also has clear blue water around Sipadan and Mabul island clusters which are well known diving and snorkeling destinations.

One of the islands in Sabah is Bohey Dulang, part of ‘Tun Sakaran Marine Park’. After hiking in Bohey Dulang at 650 meters, one gets spectacular views of a circular coral reef fringe which is actually a sea-filled volcanic crater.

While you’re in Sabah, different islands offer many things that you can enjoy. Hiking, bird watching, wildlife, marine life, snorkeling and diving. Sabah has one of the best spots in the world for diving. Snorkeling is a fun activity with colorful marine life and corals.

There is also Giant Clams and Invertebrate Hatchery (GCIH) where rare giant clams are bred. The local community gets an opportunity to pursue career in aquaculture which is their alternative way to earn livelihood.

You can also see sea gypsies. There are plenty of operators and resorts that organize these activity trips. If not for anything else, Sabah should be visited for these experiences.

– by Nisha and Vasu of Lemonicks

Sabah in Malaysia
Sabah in Malaysia is one of the tropical places to travel in February (Image credit: Lemonicks)

Best February Vacations: Ngapali Beach, Myanmar

Why should you visit Ngapali Beach?

Ngapali Beach is Myanmar’s no. 1 beach destination. It is a wonderful area with white sand beaches, coconut palm trees, and amazing turquoise water! You will find here all range of hotels, from the most luxurious hotels to budget hostel accommodation. Local restaurants are known for delicious fresh seafood.

There is also a lot of opportunities for holiday activities like kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, cycling or boat trips around the shore, hot air balloons and much more. February is a perfect time to visit Ngapali Beach because the weather is warm and sunny – perfect for beach holidays!

Myanmar still stays quite undiscovered by tourism in comparison to other places. Beaches are not crowded, and you can simply discover a bit from local life by visiting fishing villages like nearby Jate Taw. If you feel more adventurous, you can discover also many other beautiful places in Myanmar.

You can easily get to Ngapali Beach by air because the airport is located just 6 km away in the town of Thandwe. In the case of traveling by bus (e.g. from Yangon), it is necessary to count with a long bus journey.

– by Adriana Plotzerová of Czech The World

Beach in Ngapali in Myanmar
The best travel destination in February for beach lovers is Ngapali in Myanmar (Image credit: Adriana Plotzerová)

Best Places to Vacation in February: Myanmar

Myanmar is very alluring destination for a winter escape. It differs from other Asian countries by its varied temple landscapes, untouchedwaterways and sealed culture.

The country has just opened its door to the world since 2012, thus, you will enjoy some of the most amazing encounters in Asia.

If you expect a holiday with for a tropical heaven, head to the south where  Mergui Archipelago welcomes you with some 800 pristine islands. For a captureof unique Asian spirit, Myanmar offers Balloon flight over the 2,500 sacredpagodas.

Leisure seeker will love to set sail along the Irrawaddy River, one of the most picturesque rivers in Southeast Asia.

Need more inspiration for a lifetime adventure? Head to Chin State where you can photograph the tattoo-faced Chin hill tribe.

When it comes to the ideas of when you should see Myanmar, February is an ideal option. During this time, the temperature turns to be cool, without any rain.

– by Tan Bang from Travel To Work

Myanmar travel destinations in February are more than just beach holidays (Image credit: Tan Bang)

February Travel Destinations: Singapore

Well, let’s face it. Singapore is a great place to go during any time of the year because South East Asia is warm all year round, even in the rainy season. With weather as warm as 31 degrees Celcius during this part of the year and very little rain, so this is by far the most favourable month of all.

Singapore is well equipped for the hot, steamy climate with everything from public transport to outdoor restaurants all cooled with fans and airconditioning during the hottest part of the day.

There is plenty to do in Singapore, indoor and outdoor. Whether you want to relax by the ocean’s edge in Sentosa, get cultural in Little India or explore hidden gems in Arab Street. Singapore has a little something for everyone.

Bring the kids and explore Universal Studios or be a big kid yourself and discover one of the most beautiful cageless (open-air) zoos in the world. Or marvel at the colonial-style architecture of downtown Singapore.

If it is winter sun you are looking for, then South East Asia has an abundance of it!

– by Paula Barreca Barnes of Truly Expat 

Consider a city break in Singapore for February travel destinations (Image credit: Paula Barreca Barnes)

Holidays to Thailand in February: Koh Lanta

If by the time January rolls around, you’ve had it with cold, dark, snowy northern winters, pull out your sunblock and head for Koh Lanta, Thailand.

First popularized by Swedish tourists, Koh Lanta has kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches and hot, dry weather starting in December and running through March. It’s the perfect place to get the sun that you’re craving.

Stretch out along Klong Dao Beach, Klong Nin Beach, or our favorite, Secret Beach, and let the heat soak into your bones.

Easily accessible from Europe (less so from North America, alas!), this tropical island has a wide range of accommodations. You can stay at a 5-star resort right on the beach or one of the more affordable hotels just a short walk away. And there are plenty of hostels for budget travelers.

And if you love Thai food, you’ll love Koh Lanta. Long Beach is dotted with dozens of charming outdoor restaurants where you can eat fresh sea food and sip cocktails while watching night after night of glorious sunsets. And we’re not kidding when we say glorious. We lived on Koh Lanta for three months, and there were only a handful of sunsets that didn’t dazzle us.

So pack your bags and book your tickets. Sunny Koh Lanta is waiting for you!

– by Michael Jensen and Brent Hartinger of Brent and Michael Are Going Places

Koh Lanta Thailand sunset
Thailand travel in February can bring you to a Koh Lanta sunset (Image Credit: Michael Jensen)

Holidays to Thailand in February: Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is one of the most amazing islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Even though it’s become famous for its Full Moon parties, there’s a lot more to this little piece of paradise.

On its edges, Koh Phangan features wonderful white-sand beaches. The interior is dominated by forested peeks and protected national parks with numerous waterfalls.

A community of spiritual seekers and yoga practitioners thrives in Sri Thanu in the West of the island. In Thong Sala, the biggest village on the island, you’ll find vibrant markets, as well as Western supermarkets.

While the island is developing fast and new cafés spring up constantly, it still feels laid back and not too touristy.

Visiting in February means you’ll enjoy lovely weather with temperatures barely above 30 degrees Celsius and nearly zero rain. February is, in fact, the driest month of the year in Koh Phangan.Since Northern Thailand experiences forest fires in February, many people who reside there, come down to the islands too.

Tourism numbers are definitely up in February, but if you’re not crammed with the crowds in Haad Rin, the place of the Full Moon parties, you’ll be fine.

– by Veronika Primm of Travel Geekery

Koh Phangan in Thailand
Travel to Thailand in February for the Koh Phangan party scene (Image credit: Veronika Primm)

Holidays to Thailand in February: Koh Samui

There are plenty of Thai islands you could visit for some winter sun in February, but Koh Samui should be top of your list.

There are many unique things to see and do on Koh Samui, and something to entertain every type of traveller. From the massive 12-metre tall Big Buddha statue and dramatic waterfalls, to phallic shaped rocks next to paradisiacal beaches, this compact island has a lot to offer.

February is a great time to visit Koh Samui because it falls right in the middle of the dry season. With warm – but not too warm – temperatures and only 4 days of rainfall, you won’t find yourself stuck indoors because it’s too hot or too wet to explore.

Not that it would matter if you did because the amazing hotels here are reason enough to visit Koh Samui. They’re very much worth the higher than average prices, but the Escape Beach Resort offers a wonderfully luxurious experience at a fraction of the price if you’re visiting on a budget.

– by Jodie Dewberry of Alajode

Koh Samui in Thailand
For the best trips in February in Thailand, check out Koh Samui (Image credit: Jodie Dewberry)

Places to Travel in February: Cebu, The Philippines

If you’re looking for some winter sun in February then head to Cebu Island in the Philippines. It’s a great destination whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or seeking out adventure!

One of the best spots on the island to visit is Panagsama beach in Moalboal. The beach is famous as it’s home to the sardine run, where millions of sardines gather just a few metres from the shore. It’s a truly incredible spectacle to see and simply cannot be missed when you’re in Moalboal! Split your time between soaking up the sun on the beach and snorkelling with the sardines!

There are also a number of beautiful waterfalls to visit on the island. Kawasan Falls, perhaps the country’s most famous waterfall, is an easy day trip from Moalboal. On top of that, the incredible Aguinid Falls and Tumalog Falls are also great spots to visit. Not only are all 3 waterfalls stunning, but they’re also great for cooling off in on hot days!

With so many great places to visit, it’s easy to see why Cebu Island is an essential inclusion on any Philippines itinerary!

– by Sam and Natalia from Something of Freedom

Cebu Island in The Philippines
Some consider Cebu Island in The Philippines is the best place to visit in February in Asia (Image Credit: Something of Freedom)

February Travel Destinations: El Nido, The Philippines

With tropical beaches, gorgeous sunsets, and countless islands to explore, El Nido should be next on your February travel itinerary.

El Nido is a small seaside village located on Palawan Island in the Philippines and is the perfect destination for adventure seekers, solo travelers, or families looking for an island holiday destination. The best way to experience EL Nido is by spending your day on one of the 4 island hopping tours where you’ll explore hidden beaches and secret lagoons, snorkel amongst hundreds of fish and vibrant coral, and relax on some of the most pristine beaches you’ll ever come across.

Be sure to keep a day or two free so that you can appreciate the beautiful Las Cabanas Beach where you can relax and unwind with a book in hand, whilst sipping on a fresh coconut.

It’s best to plan your trip to EL Nido for February. Why? Well, the crowds that vacation here over the December holidays will all have left, leaving you with few other tourists and more affordable accommodation options. The weather is also perfect at this time and you’ll have long sunny days on the beach with no rain. It’s the best recipe for a blissful vacation!

– by Carryn Beard of Torn Tackles

E Nido Palawan
If you are looking for where to travel in February in Asia take a close look at El Nido Palawan in The Philippines (Image credit: Carryn Beard)

Best February Vacations: Con Dao Island, Vietnam

A great place to catch some winter sun is Con Dao, to the south of Vietnam. The main island in the archipelago is called Con Son, and it has some of the best beaches in SE Asia. Overall, the island isn’t very developed, so it’s ideal for those looking for beautiful, unspoilt places.

You can easily visit many of the pristine, untouched beaches by land, or you can also take a diving or snorkeling trip on a boat. Con Dao is ideal to go around on a motorbike. The roads are in great condition, and there is little traffic, making this an ideal place to ride. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi for the day.

Apart from the beaches and beautiful nature, Con Dao is home to some of the grimmest sites in the whole of Vietnam. Thousands of Vietnamese were exiled here in horrible prisons, which function as museums today. If you visit Con Dao, they are a must-see.

Accommodation in Con Dao ranges from very basic to absolute luxury. You can easily find budget accommodation in the main town, while there are a couple of upmarket resorts, like the famous Six Senses.

– By Dave Briggs from Dave’s Travel Pages

Beach at Con Dao in Vietnam
You will find lovely beaches like this at Con Dao when you travel to Vietnam in February (Image credit: Dave Briggs)

Best Places to Travel in February in South Asia


You also need to head further south when you are looking for the best places to travel in February in South Asia. India and Sri Lanka can give you some of the best trips to take in February for sunny climes. Holidays to Sri Lanka can see you combine adventure travel with a beach vacation.

Places To Visit In February:  Varkala, India

If you want winter sun in February, the beach town Varkala in the south-western Indian state, Kerala, is a perfect place to spend your time. It is less touristy than Goa and the beaches are incredible. There are plenty of things to do in Varkala if you are looking for a relaxed holiday. Other than lay on one of the many surrounding beaches, there are numerous centers for yoga practice and Ayurvedic massage. If you fancy fresh fruit juices or healthy smoothies, you find many places with a chilled atmosphere on the top of Varkala Cliff.

While in Varkala, you should visit the Janardanaswamy temple, devoted to Lord Vishnu.

From Varkala you can also enjoy Kappil backwaters by boat or houseboat. This is a great alternative to the more popular backwaters in Alleppey. While in the area, you can visit Kappil beach and Kodil Cliff. Kappil Pozhi is a tranquil lake nearby that is worth the visit too.
– by Linn Haglund of Brainy Backpackers
Varkala Beach in Kerala
Among the best beaches in Asia in February is Varkala Beach in Kerala (Image credit: Linn Haglund)

Places To Visit In February:  Kerala, India

Kerala is also known as God’s own country because of its rich biodiversity and culture. February is one of the best times to visit Kerala to enjoy warm and sunny weather. During this time of the year, it gets lesser crowded after the tourist rush of January and February, also it is just before the start of the summer season.

There are several beautiful places to visit in Kerala. You can start your trip from Cochin or Kochi because of its connectivity with other parts of India and the world. If you are a history lover then spend at least a couple of days to explore Fort Kochi.

After visiting Kochi you have many other options. If you like slightly cooler but sunny weather then head towards tea gardens of Munnar. Periyar is the best place if you want to visit wildlife Sanctuary and spice gardens. Alleppey and Kumarakom are the best places to explore the famous backwaters of Kerala.

For beach lovers, Varkala, Kovalam, and Alleppey are the best places to enjoy the sun and sand. Trivandrum the capital of Kerala also has some beautiful temples and palaces. Its airport is the second biggest in Kerala.

There is something for every traveler to enjoy the warm weather of Kerala in February.

– by Sapna Kapoor of My Simple Sojourn

backwaters of Kerala
Visit the Backwaters of Kerala for one of the best travel destinations in February (Image credit: Sapna Kapoor)

Best February Vacations: Meghalaya, India

Meghalaya, the often neglected North-eastern state in India, is a perfect destination to enjoy the winter sun. Meghalaya offers a warm respite from the chilly air and the cold season throughout India during the month of February and you can soak up the winter sun for as long as nine hours a day.

While some may know about the abundant rains in Meghalaya, few realize that the rains are limited to monsoon months post which the state dries up. Hence winters show a completely different side of Meghalaya and allows one to take up lovely treks which are otherwise always too marshy. The diverse set of attractions ranging from incredible natural beauty to interesting culture, Meghalaya has something to offer to every kind of traveller.

Lakes, waterfalls, museums and peaks of Shillong – the capital of Meghalaya, offers a diverse set of experiences for the tourists. Mawphlang sacred forest provides a better understanding of the Khasi culture (local tribe) and the importance of nature to the locals. Mawsynram – the world’s wettest place and Mawlyngbna – another small village with natural reservoir, adventure activities and carnivorous pitcher plants offers unique experiences to travellers. The caves, waterfalls and living root bridges of Cherrapunji and Asia’s cleanest village in Mawlynnong are some of the most amazing sights Meghalaya has to offer. The crystal clear Umngot River flowing through Dawki and Shnongpdeng is sure to captivate anyone’s imagination.

Chills of northern peaks of Meghalaya slowly transition to warmer plains in southern parts of the state thus making it the best place to visit in India during winter months.

– by Pooja Shah of Fairytale Studios

Meghalaya India
check out Meghalaya India if you are looking for where to go in Asia in February (Image credit: Pooja Shah)

Travel destinations February: Pondicherry, India

While Pondicherry is unbearably hot in the summer, in February the average high temperature stays in the low thirties. This makes it a great time to visit, as you can enjoy the sun without having to swelter in it.
Famous for its French colonial architecture, Pondicherry’s city center is a quiet and peaceful place that feels like its a world away from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore and other nearby cities. Check out some of the beautiful European-style churches, such as the Church of Notre Dame and the Sacred Heart Basilica. And if you’re looking for a more Indian experience, many visitors come to practice yoga and meditate at the famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram, right in the center of the city. If you just want to take a peek inside, it’s open to day visitors as well.
Promenade Beach is also very central and is nice for a stroll, but it’s not really suitable for swimming. If you’re looking for a day out at the beach, there are better sandy beaches along the coast, such as Serenity Beach, Paradise Beach and Auro Beach. The latter is opposite Auroville, a utopian-like international community where unity is celebrated and the pursuit of spirituality and meditation is encouraged.
– by Wendy Werneth of The Nomadic Vegan
Pondicherry in India
Pondicherry is one of the best places to travel in February in India (Image credit: Wendy Werneth)

Best Vacation Spots in February: Kandy, Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a nice winter sun destination in february, Sri Lanka is an excellent choice. There is a range of activities you can do in this country from sunbathing at a beach to going on safari and exploring ancient buddhist temples.

For culture, Kandy is the place to go. This city is not for nothing called the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. It is most famous for the temple of the tooth holding the relic of the tooth of Buddha. It is one of the most important temple for the Sinhalese buddhists.

Kandy is not only important for buddhists though. Kandy is a very multicultural city and there are also mosques and Hindu temples. Its the result of a long history in which Kandy was the capital of the country more than once and has always managed to retain its own identity even under British rule.

For travellers the Kandy experience is made even more beautiful, because of its great food and its scenic location in the green rolling hills. It is also the start of the famous Kandy to Ella train that some believe is the most beautiful train journey in the world.

– by Ellis Veen at Backpacker Adventures

Kandy in Sri Lanka
If you are looking for where is hot in February check out Kandy in Sri Lanka (Image credit: Ellis Veen)

Places to Visit in February: Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Mirissa, a gem of a coastal town in Sri Lanka is one of the must-visit locations on the tropical island. February is the driest month of the year and the temperatures hover in the late twenties, making it a perfect time to go and enjoy all that Mirissa has to offer. A huge sweep of shimmering golden sand with great waves for bodyboarding frames the coast, and a small rocky island just off the shore is perfect for exploring at low tide.

Wild turtles live here and you can either book a trip to swim with them and see them in their natural home, or hope that, like many travellers, they choose to come ashore to lay their eggs while you are enjoying an evening cocktail at one of the beach bars. Mirissa is also where the boat excursions to see the elusive Blue Whale (along with wild dolphins, sea turtles and humpback whales) are found, and we saw all of these magnificent creatures during our stay there.

There are plenty of excellent street food vendors as well as some higher end hotels and restaurants, so all budgets and tastes are catered for.

– by Hannah Canavan of the Adventure Travel Family

Mirissa in Sri Lanka is one of the Beaches to travel to in February (Image credit: Hannah Canavan from Adventure Travel Family)

Places to Travel in February in the Middle East

The Middle East provides some of the best places to vacation in February because they are an easy flight from many European destinations. Travel to Dubai in February is very popular with families but they should also consider Abu Dhabi which has an assortment of theme parks as well.

The Abu Dhabi Corniche
Abu Dhabi is one of the best trips in February for sunshine if you are flying from Europe.

February travel destinations: Israel

Israel is a fantastic place to visit if you are looking for some winter sun. The winter there is incredibly mild especially if you are headed to the Tel Aviv area or Eilat.

Even in February, Eilat will usually be beach weather and you can explore the beautiful beaches and snorkel in the colorful reefs. February is also just a great time to see all the popular sites throughout the country with way fewer crowds and without the stifling heat.

Jerusalem gets a bit colder than the other areas but it’s a great time to see all the religious and ancient sites, that at other times of the year are overrun with tourists. If you like to party Tel Aviv is always hopping but you might get really lucky because sometimes the Jewish holiday of Purim will fall out in February, which means a lot of street parties, costumes and drinking will ensue!

– Karen at Travel Mad Mum

Bread Shop in Israel
One of the best trips to take in February is to Israel (Image credit: Travel Mad Mum)

Travel Destinations in February: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi is one of the best places to travel in February if you are looking for a sunshine holiday with or without kids. We have been to Abu Dhabi for a couples holiday as well as for family holidays.

For children, there is lots of entertainment on offer such as Ferrari World, Yas Water World and Warner Bros World. For adults, we were just happy to just hang out by the pool or visit one of the beach clubs. The restaurants are excellent and Saturday brunch is a fun institution and totally indulgent. There is a host of cultural activities such as visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

– Shobha George, Just Go Places

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Abu Dhabi, UAE is a great answer to the question of where is hot in February

Travel Destinations in February: Dubai, UAE

Dubai a place where everybody thinks of luxury hotels, gold and shopping malls but Dubai is more than this. A place which is full of outdoor fun like stunning beaches, desert safaris or desert camping, gardens, fairs and many such outdoor fun activities.

And as 50% of the world is covered with snow in February, Dubai is blessed with lots of sunshine, cool days and bright blue skies. Dubai carries a image of hot and arid climate throughout but winters in Dubai are perfect for tourists and enjoy all the fun here. As February is the peak tourist month in Dubai, many fairs, shopping festivals, gardens prop up everywhere in the city to entertain tourists from all over the world. Dubai Beaches are the best places to relax in open sun and under the blue sky.

As evenings are pleasant with cool breeze, camping in desert is also the most suggested thing to do in this month in Dubai.  Lots of open air theme parks and water parks are there in Dubai and so this month is perfect to access these adventurous theme parks for children, teenagers and as well as fun loving adults too. The sky is clear and bright.

The whole city during this month is geared up with many fascinating events, festivals and adrenaline-pumping adventure activities and therefore visiting Dubai this month must be your memorable thing to do.

– by Yukti Agarwal of Travel With Me 24 x 7

Dubai makes for one of best trips in February if you are a sun worshipper (Image credit: Yukti Agarwal)

Places to Visit in February: Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

We all know Dubai tries to steal all the limelight when it comes to the United Arab Emirates, but did you know there are in fact seven Emirates.  Most have heard of the largest, Abu Dhabi, but there are five more that sit to the north and east of Dubai, perfect for exploration during the cooler winter months.

Our favourite as long-term UAE residents that we always recommend is to get yourself up to Ras al Khaimah (“RAK”).  It is a place that mixes luxurious beach resorts with rolling red sand dunes and dramatic mountains.  Home to the tallest peak in the UAE Jebel Jais, which sits in the Hajar Mountain range.  The highlight here is taking on the longest zipline in the world and the Via Ferrata for outdoor enthusiasts.

If you want something a bit closer to ground level, explore the desert conservation reserve Al Wadi and enjoy a luxury desert retreat.  Alternatively, head to the water side and discover the UAE’s first cultivated Pearl Farm Al Suwaidi Pearls, open for public visits to see how the ancient art has been reinvented, nestled in amongst the lush mangroves of a traditional fishing village, Al Rams.

Those who are in the UAE simply for some winter sun won’t be disappointed either. There are plenty of luxury resorts to choose from in Ras al Khaimah (often at a fraction of the cost to Dubai).  Many are scattered along the man-made Marjan Island that juts into the Arabian Gulf and the ultra-luxurious beachfront offering and golf course at Al Hamra.

– by Keri Hedrick of Family Travel in the Middle East

Ras Al Khaima Pearl Farm
Ras Al Khaima Pearl Farm, suggested travel destinations February (image credit: Keri Hedrick)

Where to Travel in February in Australia

When you think of sun and fun, Australia springs to mind. Throw in wine tasting and as far as many are concerned, among the best places to travel in February. Australia has numerous great answers to that question where is hot in February.

Best February Vacations: Sydney, New South Wales

Sydney, Australia is a perfect destination for some winter sunshine in February. February in Australia is still summer but you will not face peak temperatures or crowds as schools reopen in late January for the new academic year.

February guarantees long, light days with hot, sunny weather allowing you to make the most of the outdoor sites and activities that Sydney has to offer. Wander around The Rocks and Darling Harbour with its iconic Opera House, climb the harbour bridge or enjoy daily picnics in the beautiful Botanic Gardens. Take a cruise around the renowned Sydney Harbour or enjoy a boat ride across to Manly and spend the day at the beautiful beach there. Have a cooling swim at the North Sydney Olympic pool which has arguably one of the best views from a public outdoor pool in the world!

A Sydney summer is packed with festivals and events such as outdoor moonlight cinemas, Christmas fairs and the world famous harbour fireworks display on New Years Eve.​

– by Sinead Camplin of Map Made Memories

Sydney Australia
There is so much to do in Sydney Australia, it definitely ranks as one of the best places to vacation in February (Image credit: Sinead Camplin)

Best February Vacations: Melbourne, Victoria

The best way to escape the winter sun in February is to go somewhere where it isn’t winter – like Australia. And Melbourne is the perfect place to visit.

At its best in February with long, hot days and a ton of festivals, you won’t get bored in this cosmopolitan city. Melbourne is known as the cultural capital of Australia and you can visit world class art in the morning, eat top cuisine from just about any country in the world for lunch and then relax on the beach in the afternoon.

Soon to be the biggest city in Australia, Melbourne has a long list of attractions from museums to markets to a giant wheel. It is also a sport mad city and you can hang out with the locals at a cricket match in February or see what all the fuss is about with Australian football at a pre-season match.

If you are looking for sun which comes with plenty to do in a very easy place, Melbourne is the place to head.

– by David Hutchison of Paid Surveys Fanatic

The Yarra River in Melbourne
The best travel destination in February in Australia for laid back city cool is Melbourne (Image credit: David Hutchison)

Best February Vacations: Busselton, Western Australia

Busselton is two and a half hours south of Western Australia’s capital Perth. It is on the coast overlooking the Indian Ocean. Big on sun and beautiful beaches, Busselton has a relaxed vibe and is the perfect place for swimming, sailing windsurfing and kayaking.

The town’s signature feature is its curving 2 kilometre long jetty. Catch the jetty train to get from one end to the other. Better yet, walk and take in the spectacular views. The sunsets are amazing!

There is an underwater observatory at the end of the jetty. It gives a great view of the areas abundant and diverse marine life. There is a restaurant there too. You can dine 8 metres below the surface and enjoy some of the region’s fine food.

Busselton is also a great base for exploring the region. Just up the road is Bunbury. There are many opportunities in Australia for closeup dolphin experiences and Bunbury have one of the best. Stand in the water as the dolphins come into shore or book a tour to swim with them. In the February sun, it is a magic experience!

– by Natalie and Steve of Curious Campers

Busselton, Western Australia
Consider Busselton, Western Australia among your options of where to travel in February (Image credit: Curious Campers)

Best February Vacations: Dunsborough, Western Australia

When it comes to finding some winter sun, there is no better place than Western Australia. February is the perfect time to visit. As it is the end of summer, the weather is still beautiful but without being too crowded. Dunsborough in Western Australia has become one of our favourite places in the world and we can’t think of anywhere else we would rather be in February.

 One of the main reasons we love it so much is the beautiful coastline. There are endless stunning beaches located within a half hour drive from Dunsborough. We recommend heading to Cape Naturaliste where you will find some of the most pristine beaches in the world such as Meelup Beach and Bunker Bay. It’s easy to spend a few days hopping between all the beautiful beaches. 

Once you’re finished up at the beach, it’s time to sample some of the famous wines from the Margaret River region. There are over 200 wineries and almost 100 cellar doors to choose from in the area. Hanging out at the beach and drinking local wine will make for an awesome few days in Dunsborough. 

– by Roxanne Savage of The Coastal Campaign

Dunsborough in Western Australia
Dunsborough in Western Australia ranks high among February travel destinations because you wouldn’t want to spend their days beach hopping and wine tasting? (Image credit: Roxanne Savage)

Best February Vacations: Margaret River, Western Australia

The Margaret River Region in South West Australia is a great place for sun in February. First up are the beaches, with their long, uncrowded stretches of pristine sand and crazy blue ocean – not to mention the world class surf breaks which span sections off the coast.

Then there are the fabulous walks which veer from the coast to forest and back again. If it all gets too hot (which it can in February) then you can head into cool limestone caverns underground and explore the show caves adorned with fantastic formations and fascinating natural history.

After that it’s time to visit one of the many wine estates for a degustation lunch al fresco and a taste of some of the region’s celebrated red and white wines. Temperatures in February are generally hot as it’s WA’s summertime, and it’s very unlikely to rain. So pack light, don’t forget the suntan lotion and enjoy this gorgeous region that’s just a 3 hour drive south of Western Australia’s capital city, Perth.

– by Johanna Castro of Lifestyle Fifty

Margaret River in Western Australia
Margaret River in Western Australia is considered one of the best vacation destinations in February because of all the fun activities you can get up to (Image credit: Johanna Castro)

Where to Travel in February in Oceania

Tahiti is a bucket list item for many people, and not just for people looking for places to visit in February. inding travel destinations in February after a Tahiti break may be tough!

Many would consider an overwater Bungalow in Moorea as one of the best places to vacation in February

Best Vacation Spots in February: Moorea, Tahiti

If you’re looking for a sunny February destination with warm temperatures and azure blue waters, Moorea is the place for you. Located in the Society Islands archipelago, this French Polynesian destination offers everything tropical travelers seek: over-the-water bungalows, a lagoon teeming with sea life and a laid-back tropical vibe.

Whether you arrive on a cruise ship or on a ferry from Papeete, only 10 nautical miles away, there are plenty of adventures to experience. Hike rainforest trails on the slopes of Mount Tohivea. At Belvedere Lookout, admire the expansive South Pacific view, or enjoy lounging in a bungalow that juts out into the lagoon.

Booking a boat excursion is a popular way to experience the lagoon for cruise guests or land adventurers. Enjoy the sights of Opunohu and Cook’s bays after the boat pulls away from the pier. However the best is yet to come. Soon the guide stops the boat so that guests can swim with the manta rays. As you stand in chest-high water, the rays glide around your feet. It’s a serene experience that you won’t soon forget and a fun way to warm up on a February day.

– by Donna L. Hull at My Itchy Travel Feet

overwater bungalows in Moorea Tahiti
Why not travel to Tahiti in February and stay in overwater bungalows in Moorea? (Image credit: Donna L. Hull


overwater bungalow
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