30 Reasons to Visit Orange County in California

Orange County is the typical Southern California paradise that the world expects from SoCal.  No wonder then that there have been so many recent television shows set in the area, including 4 seasons of the O.C. and reality television fodder, Laguna Beach, The Hills...

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Contemporary Cool at the Funk Zone in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara prides itself on being the California Riviera (so much so that its trademarked the slogan).  A Riviera anywhere in the world conjures up images of beachside affluence and glamour.  When you think of contemporary cool, you think of Brooklyn.  What do you...

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Visiting the California Redwoods at Muir Woods With Kids

The mind boggles when you think about how old the California redwoods are.  When some of these trees in Muir Woods were saplings 900 years ago, the world would have been a vastly unrecognisable place.  To put things in perspective, in 1144 AD, the French and Germans...

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In Photos: The Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park

Although it is only September, the mild chill of autumn is in the air in London. August in San Francisco felt the same way. Coming from a heat wave on the East Coast, we felt the nippy weather keenly.  When we visited the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, the...

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15 Reasons to Love Venice Beach Boardwalk

Did you know that Venice Beach claims to be the number 1 visitor attraction in Southern California?  Yes, even more so than Disneyland or Rodeo Drive.  We walked the Venice Beach boardwalk on a Sunday and I can attest that was heaving with people.  The Venice Beach...

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Memorable Danish Pastries at The Solvang Bakery

When I think of Danish pastries, I of a puff pastry with some sort of fruit centre.  It wasn't until I visited The Solvang Bakery in Solvang, California, a Danish pastry shop, that I realised there really is so much variety in Danish pastries! The Solvang Bakery The...

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Solvang and the Trade in Danish Nostalgia

The little town of Solvang near Santa Barbara in the Santa Ynes valley means 'sunny meadow' in Danish.  Although the fields are long gone, the sunny aspect remains.  Astonishingly, Solvang is a little bit of Denmark transplanted onto the perma-sunny climes of...

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The Hidden Charms of the Canal Walkway at Venice Beach

The boardwalk at Venice Beach in Los Angeles California is a bit of a zoo so  you don't expect to find a tranquil and charming neighbourhood a mere few blocks away.  The Venice Beach Canal walkway though is a quiet neighbourhood of pastel coloured houses, green...

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