I am really looking forward to our short break in Vienna coming up. I’ve put together 5 things that we are definitely going to do with the children:

1. The Spanish Riding School

The Spanish Riding School in Vienna and their Lipazzaner stallions are famous around the world among equestrians.  Next year will be its 450th anniversary.  My daughter is at the age where she is still very horse-crazy.  Watching white horses prancing around should go a long way towards providing fodder for her princess-dreams.  You can book tickets directly at the Spanish Riding School website but unfortunately it is all in German.  We booked tickets through Vienna Tickets so I could understand what I was paying for! [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gogIZALj7WY?rel=0]

2. Vienna Boys Choir

I grew up listening to the Vienna Boys Choir Christmas CD every Christmas.  So, of course, if we are going to be in Vienna in the prelude to Christmas, the boys choir was on the list of things to see and do.  I’ve gotten us tickets to the Vienna Boys Choir Mass at the Hofburg Palace on Sunday morning through Vienna Ticket.  Sunday church and a cultural event – I’m proud of my multi-tasking.

Vienna Boys Choir

Image credit: Broadway Series South

3. The Prater

The Prater is nostalgia-driven amusement park which is perfect for kids who are still a little bit afraid of the full throttle of modern amusement parks. Although we have missed the season for The Prater which runs from Spring to Autumn, the giant ferris wheel and a few of the other rides will be open.  It’s a pay per ride system which is cost-effective in the off-season (not so much when all the rides are open!).

Prater Giant Ferris Wheel

Image credit: Christine und David Schmitt

4. Therme Wien

A thermal spa in Vienna after we have been hiking around in the cold outside?  Yes, please.  My friend describes Therme Wien as a cross between a community pool (but cleaner) and an upscale mineral spring spa (but noisier).  There are different thermal pools in this complex AND a separate water slide area for the children.  Apparently, Monday has kid’s special rates so we might get there more than once!

Therme Wien

5. Haus der Musik

Vienna is renowned for its musical tradition, and we can’t possibly visit the city without going to one of its famous museums.  I’ve chosen Haus der Musik which bills itself as an interactive sound  museum. For example, there are exhibits where you can practice being a conductor or listen to what it sounds like inside your mother’s womb.  I don’t expect it to be a serene experience but the kids will have fun.  I’ve heard Mozart’s House, where the composer lived from 1784-87, has great children’s tours so that is a possibility as well, especially if I combine it with another bribe/trip to Therme Wien.

prader vienna womb experience

Even though we did not take a hop-on hop-off tour of Vienna, I think it is a great way to introduce children to a new city.  You will be able to visit all of the above tourist sights on such a bus, except for Therme Wien. Unfortunately the only way out to Therme Wien is by taxi or regular city bus until the extension of the train service which is currently being planned.

Have you been to Vienna with children?  Do you have any suggestions?