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Family-Friendly NoMad Neighborhood and Flatiron District NYC

Family-Friendly NoMad Neighborhood and Flatiron District NYC

Although the Flatiron Building has always been a famous landmark in New York City, the area now known as NoMad has really only been a trendy area in the last few years. With the clean up of Madison Square Park and the Flatiron district going residential, the area has become very family-friendly. Although all these

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a family vacation in zanzibar

5 Reasons For A Family Vacation to Zanzibar

Zanzibar.  The  name rolls of the tongue evoking images of distant lands and foreign climes. How could the island of Zanzibar not be exotic when the name itself is so cool? My children have been begging me to visit the island ever since one of their school friends had a family vacation to Zanzibar. Zanzibar

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Carnival Bloco for Kids

Family Fun at Rio’s Carnival Bloco for Children

The first thing our children noticed at the Banda de Ipanema Kids Bloco was the shaving cream being squirted by gleefully chuckling Brasilian children.  Then, they noticed the confetti being thrown around.  Our children have never thrown confetti (or squirted shaving cream for that matter) so they were really happy to get into the full

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Five Reasons to Visit Bologna with Kids

I was a little surprised when I heard our hotel concierge at Hotel Touring say that Bologna is not considered a particularly child-friendly city for tourism. Lots of families from the north of Italy pass through the town in the summer though on their way to the beaches and countryside of the south of Italy.

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Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai

Fun Activities For Kids Visiting Mumbai

Today I have a guest post from the team at Guiddoo, a travel planner app.  They have lots of suggestions for keeping children entertained in India’s glamorous centre of business and entertainment, Mumbai.  I hope you enjoy this great list of fun activities for kids visiting Mumbai! *** When you’re traveling with children, you would

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a day in trendy Tokyo Harajuku

Visiting Trendy Tokyo in Harajuku With Kids

Thanks to Gwen Stefani, Harajuku became popularised in mainstream Western culture with her Harajuku Girls backup dancers.  Harajuku is a very trendy area in Tokyo which is located in the Shibuya ward.  It runs from Harajuku station right in front of the Meiji Shrine on the edge of Yoyogi Park through Omotesando and their little

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Beijing with kids

Podcast Show Notes for Visiting Beijing With Kids

Welcome to the show notes for the ninth episode of the Just Go Places Podcast. In Episode Nine, we listen to a Canadian expat who tells us about her visit  to Beijing, the capitol of China, with her family. Summary Welcome to Episode 9 of the Just Go Places podcast. Today I talk with my

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7 Things To Do In Hakone With Kids

Fun Things To Do In Hakone With Kids

Visiting the Hakone region of Japan is a nice and easy excursion from urban sensory overload if you are visiting Tokyo.   Located only about a 100 kilometres away from the capitol, Hakone is a very popular destination for both Japanese and international tourists to revel in some beautiful countryside.   There are lots of

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cat cafe with kids

A Complete Cutefest at a Cat Cafe with Kids

Tokyo can be overwhelming for anyone.  The crowds, the signs, the neon lights, the traffic etc. all add up to a lot of sensory overload.  So what do you do when you need to unwind?  Heading back to your hotel room is an option (but boring).  How about unwinding like many Japanese do?  Head to

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