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Fun Facts About The Most Famous Church in Barcelona, La Familia Sagrada

Fun Facts About The Most Famous Church in Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia

Artists do not need monuments erected for them because their works are their monuments. – Antonio Gaudi When I went to check out the most famous church in Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia, exactly 20 years ago this year, my visit was very different from my recent trip. Unlike today only the Nativity facade was finished

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A Guided Tour of Highgate Cemetery in North London

One of the Magnificent Seven, Highgate Cemetery in North London

On a cold rainy day, I visited Highgate Cemetery on a whim. I took a guided tour by a volunteer guide who regaled us with fascinating tidbits of history. Divided into two parts, east and west, Highgate Cemetery is one of the great monuments of London. It is Grade I listed by the National Heritage

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Dubai All that glitters is gold

All That Glitters Is Gold Inside the Burj Al-Arab in Dubai

We got into the taxi and my husband realised he had forgotten the name of the restaurant where we were dining. For someone who is super-organised at work, he is remarkably forgetful as soon as he leaves the office.  It was up to me to explain where we needed to go while he was trying

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Brookfield Place in Manhattan

Brookfield Place in Manhattan, A Steel and Glass Lazarus

Everyone remembers the tragic details of 9/11 and the fall of the World Trade Center buildings.  There were other buildings associated with that disaster which were severely damaged  at the time.  They just didn’t have the spectacular televised downfall of the North and South Towers.  Brookfield Place in Manhattan has emerged from the ashes of

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a day in trendy Tokyo Harajuku

Visiting Trendy Tokyo in Harajuku With Kids

Thanks to Gwen Stefani, Harajuku became popularised in mainstream Western culture with her Harajuku Girls backup dancers.  Harajuku is a very trendy area in Tokyo which is located in the Shibuya ward.  It runs from Harajuku station right in front of the Meiji Shrine on the edge of Yoyogi Park through Omotesando and their little

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Bodiam Castle in England

Medieval Grandeur at Beautiful Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle looks and feels like a fairytale castle set in the beautiful East Sussex English countryside.  Like many of the most picturesque castles now, it lies in ruins.  The National Trust though run an excellent job of preserving Bodiam Castle’s history and beauty for the future. The History of Bodiam Castle Bodiam is a

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Marlborough House

Marlborough House: Recycling of a Royal Residence

Marlborough House in London has an enviable location right next door to St. James’s Palace, around the corner from Buckingham Palace and backing onto St. James’s park.  The house itself is massive and has extensive grounds considering it is located in prime London real estate.  No wonder then that when the house was no longer

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Harpa Concert Hall

The Glittering Harpa Concert Hall in Reyjkavik

The critics questioned why the £90 million Harpa concert hall was being built in Rejkavik, the capital of a country that had gone spectacularly bankrupt in 2008.  Construction of the Harpa was started in 2004 when Iceland was riding high as the new financial whiz kid on the block.  Unfortunately, the financial market turmoils of

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