15 Outstanding Examples of Street Art in Valencia Spain

Valencia is known for its futuristic architecture designed by local boy turned starchitect, Santiago Calatrava. The old city though is a rabbit warren of streets meandering slowly through hundreds of years of history. Along these back streets, you will find yourself...

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10 Reasons Why You Should Take The Family Skiing in Spain

Skiing in Spain?  Yes, Spain.  Not only does the country have miles of beautiful beaches along its coastline, the Pyrenees border with France has a world-class ski resort, Baqueira-Beret.  Throw in the great food and wine, could I love this country more?!  Here are my...

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Photo Essay: Rural Beauty in the Costa Brava Countryside

Sun, sand, sangria.  The Costa Brava is famous (or infamous depending on your view) for all of these things thanks to the influx of mass tourism into coastal towns like Lloret de Mar.  Away from the crowds, however, is the quieter and rural Costa Brava countryside...

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Great Adventures at PortAventura Park in Spain

When I was in the Costa Brava in Spain at the end of April, my kids were disappointed that the water parks in the places we went to were not open yet for the season.  I didn't tell them that the biggest of them all in the area, PortAventura Park, was up and running....

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Salvador Dali and the Nature of Love

The bride floated down the aisle gracefully navigating the rose petal strewn aisle.  Swathed in layers of white silk and chiffon, she and the groom radiated happiness like beacons of hope.  Their families were equally pleased and all the wedding participants...

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Top 5 Reasons My Children Loved The Costa Brava

My family came out to join me on the Costa Brava in Spain while I was at a travel blogger conference at the tourist town of Lloret de Mar.  We rented a car and went exploring along the coast of the Costa Brava in search of more traditional Catalan towns than you get...

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The Good, the Bad and the Fantastic at Lloret de Mar

The lurid neon sign above the entrance to the club in Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava shouted total striptease and for added emphasis, "sexy sexy sexy."  Presumably the inebriated punters the club was trying to lure needed help in equating striptease with sexy. I...

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The Fancy Doors of the Costa Brava

Every doorway, every intersection has a story. Katherine Dunn My shoes clatter on the stone streets adding to the cacophony of the other shoes and chattering voices out for an evening stroll. The doorways to the buildings lining the streets stand as straight and...

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Celebrating Curves at Park Guell

The straight line belongs to man.  The curved line belongs to God. - Antonio Gaudi Park Guell, designed by Barcelona's favourite son, Antonio Gaudi, is a frothy concoction of imaginative design and natural beauty.  True to his beliefs, there is hardly anything...

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